Everything as a Service


Everything as a Service

Together for a smarter life

Modern technologies are redefining how we understand and use services, thus changing how we live and work. It isn’t just individuals who use IT as services, often via an app, usually from the cloud – companies are also increasingly doing so. The model Everything as a Service (XaaS) is used by companies to meet the growing needs for agility and efficiency while also saving costs. They are able to react to changing market conditions quickly by using new services without complications and by simply “turning off” ones they no longer need.

The continually growing range of services offered will make our lives and work easier – as long as they are used properly. After all, getting the right combination of many individual services with the remaining on-premises services and in-house IT can be quite the challenge. We help you to not get lost in the jungle of services and instead integrate the services with each other in a smart way to form the ideal solution for your company. We cover the whole range – from consulting and planning to the implementation of solutions as well as training.

How to drive business growth despite the shortage of skilled professionals

Are you desperately searching for skilled professionals to secure your company’s future growth? This is a situation that many SMEs find themselves in. It is much easier for international corporations with global operations to attract qualified IT employees because they can offer a diverse range of job offers and career opportunities. What can you do to overcome this disadvantage?

Digitalization projects that are decisive for the future are at risk

The biggest risk associated with the shortage of skilled professionals is that you’ll miss the digital transformation boat. In many cases an SME’s IT department will have the resources to keep the systems up and running, but lack the personnel to work on pioneering advancements and new developments. It’s paradoxical because according to surveys, most SMEs believe that the digital transformation offers them the greatest opportunities, but they simply lack the resources to implement it. Another problem is that IT specialists are in such high demand on the labor markets that they are expensive.


How can you make progress when you’re drowning in work?

Application managed services are the key

Application managed services aren’t new. We know that. But in the digital age they are just as relevant and in-demand as ever. However, it’s important to have the right application managed services partner and the right service level agreements. We believe that three factors are decisive in this respect: quality, flexibility and trust.

«The new online platform delivers cost-effective and excellent support in problematic situations and it was very easily integrated in our existing IT environment. Trivadis SystemCare is a sustainable support and maintenance solution for our new platform.»
Christoph Zogg, Chief Operating Officer at Edelweiss Air


Illness, holiday, termination

– what can you do if your key players are not available?

It’s amazing the number of risks many companies take with their mission-critical IT systems. For example, the operation of many systems hinges upon the know-how of individual people. They are the key players in your IT organization. Their knowledge and skills are indispensable for your support and the development of the impacted IT systems. Without them, you cannot resolve issues or implement new requirements quickly enough. If it also seems virtually impossible to transfer this knowledge and skill to other people in your organization, then you're caught up in the ‘key player trap’.


Is everyone going cloud crazy?

There are efficient solutions in the market to match your requirements profile. But you can’t just pick out services like you would pick out products from a supermarket shelf. It helps if you have a trusted partner like us taking care of provider management and ensuring that compliance, governance and monitoring requirements are met. In some cases, we act as your solution provider and assume responsibility for the management of all your solutions and platforms. From your perspective a managed platform is an SaaS component that you only have to use. We decide which cloud is the best and most cost-effective solution for you. Thanks to our intelligent management you can put together a solution comprising components from different clouds and free up time and resource

New in autumn 2019: Database-as-a-Service from the cloud by Trivadis and Swisscom

We’ve teamed up with Swisscom to combine our respective strengths in the Database-as-a-Service market. This means we can provide comprehensive cloud-based database support. Trivadis is building the Database-as-a-Service platform and Swisscom is providing the basis – the Swisscom cloud with its maximum security standards – from its own data centres in Switzerland. What are the benefits for you? The Trivadis and Swisscom partnership supports you along the entire value chain. Just a few interfaces reduce complexity and costs. The databases are flexible, scalable and high availability. Data security and high quality data management are also guaranteed to you with Database-as-a-Service. What are you waiting for? We’ll be glad to advise you.


Do you want to be more agile?

Find out here how you can become more agile with a few simple adjustments to your IT.
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Sleep soundly and achieve more with our 7x24h service

Do you have dark rings under your eyes? Are you finding it difficult to sleep because you're expecting to be called out to work? Then it’s time to relax and do something positive for your business. 7x24h IT system availability is essential in the global age, for the digital transformation and to achieve growth in new markets. New business models and changing user behavior make fast and problem-free interaction at all times necessary. But how can you deliver 7x24h system availability without going over your IT budget or giving your team burn-out? That’s easy. With our 7x24h service. It supports your IT organization to cope with the regular new challenges and helps you to optimize and grow your business model. We provide our 7x24h service on 365 days a year.

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