High data availability
at a fair price.

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Have you cut down your IT costs by using Oracle Standard Edition, but you need a continuously updated copy of your database stored somewhere secure to protect against user errors or disasters (e.g. a fire in the data center)? In actual fact, Oracle does offer this functionality with Data Guard, but unfortunately you need the Enterprise Edition


to use it! Are you faced with squaring the circle here? Do you have to purchase all the other Enterprise Edition features just to get a disaster safeguard? The answer to this question is 'no'. The solution is TVD-StandbyTM from Trivadis!

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  • Basic Data Guard functions – even without Oracle Enterprise Edition
  • Supports ASM (Automatic Storage Management) and RAC (Real Application Cluster)
  • Automatic starting of the instances and avoidance of split brain situations
  • Transfer, application and housekeeping of archived redo log files
  • Database transactions can be configured for delayed application
  • Simple role reversal of the primary and standby servers (switchover or failover)
  • Environment monitoring with error notifications
  • Huge cost reduction
  • Disaster safeguard also for Standard or Express Edition
  • Ongoing development in step with the latest Oracle releases and functionalities
  • Field-proven, successfully deployed on several hundred servers
  • On Demand (Volume Discounts for multiple licenses)
  • License metrics: Database server