Permanently on standby –
high availability data with Trivadis for your Oracle Standard edition.

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IT failures and data losses are a corporate nightmare and they’re also associated with massive costs. In an extreme scenario, they can even jeopardise the company’s existence. Every minute of data unavailability loses you valuable productivity, image and money.



Doubly protected with TVD-Standby™.

TVD-Standby™ ensures the high availability of your data. The unique proposition: your valuable data is doubly protected with the Trivadis standby database.

Available everywhere as a cloud solution.

You can access your data in the cloud whenever you want and wherever you are. Additional monitoring and synchronisation functions back up the standby version. This has the advantage that database errors are always intercepted and displayed as errors during the synchronisation process. Obsolete archives are identified and continuously updated. Make your Oracle Standard Edition database even more secure with TVD-Standby as an essential add-on.

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Roland Stirnimann

Trivadis, Business Development Manager