All-in-one solution for Oracle backup/recovery.

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An enterprise without a secure backup solution specifically for Oracle is like flying a paraglider without a parachute. In today's complex IT world, it is vital to have a simple and scalable backup solution in place. Data loss is meanwhile an unaffordable mission-critical scenario. Since many solutions lack some key database-specific components and information such as reporting, logging and error handling details, Trivadis has developed


a simple solution that is optimized for Oracle based on parameterizable scripts. TVD-BackupTM Standard Edition delivers a field-proven, lean environment for physical and logical backups. The Enterprise Edition features a menu-guided restore and recover functionality that navigates you through all different kinds of failure scenarios for successful recovery of your data.

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  • Ready-to-use configurations (best-practice templates)
  • Requires no knowledge of RMAN syntax
  • In-built expert know-how
  • Physical and logical backups
  • Restore and recovery, menu-guided and batch capability (Enterprise Edition only)
  • Automated cloning for development and test environments
  • Scalable with process controls for large-scale environments
  • Expandable by integrating enterprise-specific scripts
  • TVD-BackupTM is a unique combination of all aspects of backup/recovery scenarios, and gives you security and peace of mind in knowing that your business data will definitely be available at all times
  • Ongoing development in step with the latest Oracle releases and functionalities
  • Field-proven, deployed on thousands of servers
  • On Demand (Volume Discounts for multiple licenses)
  • License metrics: Database server