Microsoft SQL Server backup to the Azure cloud: standardized – generated – automated.

Backup data are a valuable asset. There are different ways of providing secure storage for these data. On the one hand, access must be secure to prevent unauthorized possession, while on the other, the data are mainly needed when something goes wrong in the operating environment. The backup data must be ready at hand in precisely such a scenario, i.e. it is absolutely crucial that they are stored in separate environments. Continually improving cloud storage services offer interesting alternatives for retaining data away from productive sites in case of trouble. To be able to use these cloud storage services in a cost-effective manner requires clearly defined retention times for the backups, and automatic housekeeping of the stored data sets. TVD-Backup-2Azure™ offers a flexibly configurable solution for creating backups regardless of the database and operating system releases.

trivadis toolbox tvd backup2azure


  • Independent of SQL Server and Windows Server releases
  • Cost-effective and secure storage of backup data away from your data center
  • Data volume controlling with automated housekeeping jobs
  • Automatic integration of Azure storage accounts
  • Synchronization of a local (backup) directory structure in the cloud
  • Encrypted database files (SQL Server 2008 and later)
  • Disaster security with a "pay as you use" model
  • Compatible with TVD-Backup™ for SQL Server
  • Basis for future cloud deployment concepts
  • On Demand (Volume Discounts for multiple licenses)
  • License metrics: SQL Server Instance
  • 50% discount in combination with TVD-Backup for SQL Server

Roland Stirnimann

Trivadis, Business Development Manager