Four functions for secure data.

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These days data are valuable assets that are essential to your company and its business operations. But is there a security solution for Oracle Databases that’s both efficient and smart? Especially when you’re accessing, adapting and reading out data on a daily basis and numerous employees have access to it.




TVD-Backup now with Trivadis Intelligent Backup.

TVD-Backup™ by Trivadis is the efficient and smart solution for Oracle. It’s also flexible, intelligent and transparent. TVD-Backup™ has four functions – including the unique Trivadis Intelligent Backup (TIB).



Configure your own backup tool. Use best practice templates to define your requirements and implement a custom backup solution in a very short time. Integrated reports provide you with detailed information about failures and queries, and allow you to easily optimise your backup.


trivadis tvd backup

trivadis tvd backup

trivadis tvd backup

trivadis tvd backup


Trivadis Intelligent Backup (TIB)

Most databases have automatic backups every day at the same time, when the data loads are lowest. It seems the logical thing to do – but it is associated with some disadvantages.

The objective of this traditional approach is to perform a backup of the entire database. But what happens if there is high data traffic mid-way through the day? If a department suddenly urgently needs to access lost data, but isn’t sure when it got lost.




Trivadis Intelligent Backup (TIB) solves these problems. TIB knows the load situation at all operating databases and all the backups. TIB retains an overview of your data flows and makes policy and situation-based decisions on when backups are necessary. If there is an unusually high level of data traffic or error messages it automatically adapts the backup time intervals to proactively prevent potential downtime – but only on the affected servers.

Reduce your backup load with TIB and the time required to perform backups. TIB continuously adapts your parameters to the current situation. New databases are immediately identified and automatically backed up.


trivadis tvd-standby architecture

trivadis tvd tib engine concept


Is a restore process necessary? The guided recovery process with restore optimisation enables you to restore your database to a previous state. The integrated database clone function allows you to simply make your data available in different environments.



Retain an overview at all times of past and future backups.


Roland Stirnimann

Trivadis, Business Development Manager