Let the toolbox
work for you

The Trivadis Toolbox offers agile and lean Solutions
for your most important operational tasks

Let the toolbox
work for you

The Trivadis Toolbox offers agile and lean Solutions
for your most important operational tasks

The Trivadis Toolbox offers agile and lean Solutions for your most important operational tasks in Oracle and Microsoft database and application server landscapes. Our proven tools reduce administration workloads in conjunction with enhanced operating reliability through the automation of standards and best practices.

Trivadis has been providing tools for operating infrastructures for more than 15 years. Their resulting high level of maturity has a positive impact on functionality and stability. Sales of over 2500 licenses for the respective tools guarantee tremendous investment protection, largely because they are in widespread use and upgrade rights and maintenance agreements exist. We can also provide many references affirming their reliable and successful deployment at companies of all sizes, from SME to corporation. These are the options available to you.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Cost savings
  • Easy-to-standardize and automate environments
  • Simple and fast – best practice
  • Flexible and customizable
  • Modular, platform-neutral
  • Enhanced availability and performance
  • Simplified, professional administration
  • Experience values from numerous customers
  • Reliable and tested on new versions and platforms


Always ready – high data availability for your Oracle Standard Edition
IT system downtime and data loss are a nightmare for your company and you can incur massive costs as a result. In an extreme scenario they could even jeopardize your company’s existence because when data is unavailable you lose valuable productivity, image and money, and every minute counts. TVD-Standby™ guarantees the high availability of your data. It is also unique because the Trivadis standby database backs up your valuable enterprise data twice.

By putting your data in the cloud you ensure that they are available any place and any time. Additional monitoring and synchronization functions also back up the standby version. The advantage of this is that any database errors are discovered at the very latest in the synchronization process. Obsolete archives are identified and continuously updated. Backup your Oracle Standard Edition database with TVD-Standby™.

Factsheet TVD-StandbyTM



Data are the most valuable raw material today
That’s why it is essential that your company always has them at its disposal for its business operations. But what is an efficient and intelligent backup solution for an Oracle database? Especially when you access, adapt and read out the data every day and when numerous employees have access to them.


These four steps keep your data safe 
Trivadis TVD-Backup™ is the solution for Oracle database backup. It’s flexible, intelligent and transparent. There are four steps in TVD-Backup™ :

  • Trivadis Intelligent Backup (TIB)
  • Backup
  • Restore/Recovery
  • Reporting

Trivadis Intelligent Backup (TIB)
Normally a database has an automatic backup function: every day at the same time when the data traffic is at its lowest level. In principle, it’s the logical approach – but it does have a few drawbacks. Traditional backups extend to the entire database. But what if the biggest datastreams take place mid-way through the day and your departments suddenly need access to lost data and don’t exactly know when it was lost? Our Trivadis Intelligent Backup (TIB) solves this problem. TIB monitors the situation in all operational databases and it knows all the backups. TIB retains an overview of your data highway and decides when backups are necessary on the basis of policies and situation assessments. If an unusually high volume of data or error messages are received, the backup intervals are automatically adapted to proactively counteract potential failures – and not just on the affected servers. TIB can reduce your backup loads and the time requirement to implement backups. TIB continuously adapts your specifications to the current situation – and it automatically identifies and backs up new databases.

Do you need to restore your database? The guided restore function helps you to restore your database to a previous status, including restore optimization. An additionally integrated database clone function allows you to very simply make your data available in different environments.

Ist eine Wiederherstellung notwendig? Durch die geführte Wiederherstellungsmöglichkeit stellst du eure Datenbank inklusive Restore-Optimierung auf einen zurückliegenden Stand wieder her. Dank der zusätzlich integrierten Datenbank-Klon-Funktion kannst du jederzeit eure Daten auf einfache Weise bereitstellen - in unterschiedlichen Umgebungen.

Retain an overview of all past and future backups at all times with the reporting tool.

Factsheet TVD-BackupTM



TVD-Basenv™ standardizes and simplifies the handling of environments in both online and batch mode for Oracle database and application server landscapes. TVD-Basenv™ features a package of refined report and start/stop scripts.

  • More flexible and powerful than (c)oraenv, for example
  • Enables administration by every DBA in all (new) environments due to their administrative uniformity
  • Supports OFA and non-OFA environments
  • Flexible environment handling
  • Platform independence
  • Alias definitions
  • Command history for sqlplus, rman, dgmgrl also under Unix
  • Simple and quick installation
  • In successful deployment on over 4000 database servers with 12,500 databases
  • Also supports RAC and FailOver cluster environments
  • Ongoing optimization on newest releases and
  • Oracle functions
  • Field-proven, deployed on thousands of servers

Factsheet TVD-BasenvTM



An IT infrastructure without proactive and business-oriented capacity planning is like running a company without a business plan. Capacity management and forecasting are among the most important tasks when operating databases. The requisite mandatory basis for saving costs and enhancing efficiency is created here. Our TVD-Capman™ tool provides you with all the basic functions necessary for qualitatively resolving the day-to-day practical issues that arise in database operations.

  • Grouping of all different kinds of components and comparisons, together with the definition and automatic monitoring of baselines and KPIs
  • Customized service reporting possible on the basis of repository data
  • Data mining on Unix, Linux, and Windows systems
  • Centralized and discreet gathering of data possible
  • Different security concepts for accessing components can be implemented
  • Automatic loading into the Trivadis tool repository database
  • Graphical overview of resource consumption data and dynamic performance values
  • Simplified sizing, consolidation and forecasting statements regarding server and storage capacities possible
  • Ongoing development in step with the latest Oracle releases and functionalities
  • Field-proven, deployed on thousands of servers

Factsheet TVD-CapmanTM


TVD-HA™ supports you in setting up and monitoring Oracle Data Guard and Real Application Clusters environments with automated configuration of the requisite Oracle processes. Data Guard and cluster configurations can be easily created, securely operated, and monitored significantly more simply with TVD-HA™. This results in massive time savings and replicable high quality levels.

  • A standardized approach and step-by-step check of the system requirements with descriptive error messages simplify setting up the environment (partial steps are also possible)
  • Field-proven and replicable, including monitoring of the relevant metrics and virtual IP handling
  • Creation of the Data Guard Broker configuration
  • Monitoring and alerting of Oracle Data Guard environments and their statuses
  • Automatic provision of an application IP address in failover/switchover scenarios
  • Configuration of failover clusters based on the Oracle Grid Infrastructure
  • Using TVD-HA™ saves time and offers greater efficiency when setting up complex environments
  • Implements a reliable system-monitoring mechanism right from the outset
  • Ongoing development in step with the latest Oracle releases and functionalities

Factsheet TVD-HATM

TVD-Critical Patch ReportTM

We'll tell you whether it is worth installing the Critical Patch Update. After all, testing and patching costs you time and money. The Oracle Critical Patch Update (CPU) is released every three months and resolves major security bugs in your Oracle database, Application Server and other Oracle applications. That's why we provide you with our CPU report in the same cycle. Trivadis tests the current Oracle versions with the latest patch set for which a CPU is available on SUN, HP, AIX, Linux and Windows platforms, and gives you valuable tips. Oracle Application Server is tested in Linux and Windows environments.

  • Recommendations: When you should install the test – and when not to
  • Tips to keep in mind when installing the CPU
  • Information about whether the database will behave differently after the CPU has been installed
  • TVD-Critical Patch Report™ tells you whether your database is behaving differently after installation
  • Trivadis creates the critical patch report when the CPU is released
  • You subscribe to the service and automatically receive the report
  • Less time and money is spent on evaluation when the quarterly patch is released
  • Greater reliability in pinpointing potential problems at an early stage
  • Field-proven and available shortly after the release of the patch

TVD-MaintenanceTM for SQL Server

Regular maintenance work is necessary to attain the performance of SQL Server databases. Many of these tasks can and should be automated to make sure they are performed regularly. Our maintenance solution is a lean, field-proven approach that carries out all the requisite maintenance work for data and index structures to sustainably uphold the operating performance of a database environment. We can offer you a solution which provides all the maintenance tasks as jobs on your SQL Server system. The recommended default settings for single databases can be adapted and oriented to your needs in the configuration.

  • Simple implementation with a script-based installation
  • Safeguards database performance over time
  • Detailed logging for monitoring and traceability purposes
  • Database check to ensure the logical and physical integrity of all objects
  • Maintenance of indices and statistics
  • "Housekeeping" of histories and log data
  • Detailed logging for monitoring and traceability purposes
  • Enhanced quality thanks to Trivadis best practices
  • Optimized usage of resources

Factsheet TVD-MaintenanceTM for SQL Server

TDV-BackupTM for SQL Server

Microsoft has positioned itself as a global pioneer in relational database management systems with its MS SQL Server, especially in terms of scalability and flexibility in adaptation to the needs of companies of all sizes. In addition to an extensive range of functions for the provisioning and processing of data, it includes on-boards to ensure continued server operation. However, the backup and emergency planning process does not reflect the database administrator’s needs. It should be automated – and this is where Trivadis Backup comes in.

As database administrator you’ve probably received phone calls at the weekend, or while you’re on holiday, informing you that the servers are down, nothing’s working and recovery is impossible. Without an easy-to-install MS SQL Backup you’ll waste precious time and expose yourself to unnecessary stress. The Microsoft SQL Backup action plan involves regular full-system backups and also structured partial backups on the basis of defined schedules. This approach ensures that MS SQL server downtime is reduced to the minimum. Our MS SQL Backup simply and exactly implements your backup strategy at database level. Backup types and intervals are defined in a configuration table, which enables the flexible and centrally managed implementation of your data backup concept – and allows you to enjoy your weekends and holidays.

With the assistance of comprehensive configuration templates within the MS SQL Server solution you can cover 90% of most backup requirements. Do you have your own ideas on your Microsoft SQL Server? Not a problem: our tool TDV-Backup™ for SQL Server can be adapted in just a few simple steps.

Our backup solution simplifies your life as soon as the script-based installation is completed. Database backups can be easily monitored with the comprehensive log function. The times of the MS SQL backups can be set to your requirements to conserve resources and use them in a targeted way – irrespective of server loads and data volume. You can easily set up combinations of full, differential and transaction log backups, which means that every single database is optionally fully backed up or only backed up after the inclusion of a high volume of new datasets. One central feature of your Microsoft SQL backup plan is automation. Errors made in manually performed data backups are minimized during recovery. At the same time Trivadis best practices improve the quality of your system as a whole.

Factsheet TVD-BackupTM for SQL Server



PL/SQL Cop checks compliance with programming guidelines and determines key software metrics that provide information on the quality of their PL/SQL codes, such as MCCabe’s cyclomatic complexity or the Halstead complexity measures. Based on this information, you receive clear statements about the quality of your source codes as well as recommendations regarding quality assurance measures. You can identify errors and misdevelopments at an early stage and thus shorten your development cycles.

PL/SQL Cop in a nutshell
You can make PL/SQL Cop available to individual developers in their development environments, integrate it in your build management tools, or extend your static code analysis tools. PL/SQL Cop is based on the Trivadis PL/SQL & SQL coding guidelines, which you can download free of charge from our website.

Integration in SQL Developer
Increase the added value of your team with seamless integration in SQL Developer. The SQL Developer extension checks the contents of the editor window during development work by mouse click and a keyboard shortcut. All the results are presented in tabs displaying any guideline violations, and from where you can navigate to the relevant positions in your code. Further information is displayed in a full report, which can also be used outside of the IDE.

Command line interface
Generate added value by integrating the solution in your automated quality assurance processes. Via the command line interface, you can run PL/SQL Cop as required outside of your development environment, or integrate it in automated processes. All functions are controllable using parameters. Reports can be created in XML, HTML or Excel format.

SonarQube™ plugin
Enhance the added value by integrating PL/SQL Cop and SonarQube. You can use the SonarQube plugin for PL/SQL Cop to conveniently integrate them in existing environments for analyzing the static code of your (possibly multilingual) projects, and in build management tools such as Apache Maven, Apache Ant or TFS. Policy violations are shown in the SonarQube dashboards, while PL/SQL code metrics are integrated in the SonarQube reports and dashboards. All PL/SQL Cop results can be exported.

Factsheet PL/SQL Cop

Download PL/SQL Coding Guidelines
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