Trivadis Triamant

How you can get to your smart solution with our help

Trivadis Triamant

How you can get to your smart solution with our help

Does a project always have to run from A to Z? Or are you stuck halfway through? We can help you to make the right connections in your projects with an integrated service that we call Triamant because it makes your project more clear-cut and gives it a final polish. All you have to do is decide where you want us to start.


The Check-ups are a very efficient way of reviewing various aspects of your project to identify necessary actions.

Trend Radar

The Trend Radar shows you the technologies and disruptive business models that are on their way to you, and potential use scenarios.


We develop digital strategies with you to help you define new approaches to transforming your business processes for the digital world.


From entry points to implementation

These three typical entry points get you started in our integrated service package. And you can enter via any of them.


Ideation involves us sitting down with you to develop and prioritize ideas.


Your ideas are incubated with the support of AI, IoT, ML, bots and cloud experts. This helps you to achieve faster initial results and validate your ideas.


This is where we realize your ideas on an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) basis for faster time to market.


In operations we ensure the smooth operation of your platforms and software and ensure data quality.

Do you have questions or need help with your project?

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