Identify new business opportunities at an early stage with the Trend Radar

Identify new business opportunities at an early stage with the Trend Radar

You want to secure the current success of your company and at the same time create the basis for tomorrow's success. You want to gain a clear picture of where your company's future opportunities lie - whether, how and when your business models need to change or even build new ones.

To obtain that certainty you have to know where you are going, which trends and technological innovations your customers and markets will be exposed to as well as the trends that will catch on and the trends that are just short-lived hypes.

You could do the research on the internet, but it isn’t a strategically sound method of obtaining sustainable and in-depth information. Even the innovation departments at major corporations often lack the resources to continuously keep track of trends, assess their significance for the company and identify potential opportunities. It's not enough just to capture and manage trends. After all, it's all about what you can do with them.



Getting ahead together.
We are also trying out new ways ourselves. Constantly strengthening our cooperation in order to gain new insights for our job. Together for a smarter life.


You have to define use cases for your enterprise. They show you the potential that exists for your company in a trend. And you sometimes have to experiment a bit - especially with technical innovations.

Trivadis provides this service with the Trend Radar. We observe more than 1,700 industry-specific or cross-industry trends and innovations, including many technology trends. We also monitor the impact of social trends and other market phenomena.

We identify and implement relevant use cases with you on the basis of our experience in projects at companies of all sizes and across all key sectors of industry.

Today, in the digital age, societal, social and political trends almost always lead to solutions involving IT technology, from mobility service apps such as car sharing to home nursing care alarm systems and the coordination of the various elements of a holiday. We team up with you to establish the trends that are relevant for your enterprise, how they could affect your business, when this could happen and how you can prepare for it. All this takes place in a form and depth of information that is tailored to your enterprise’s needs.

Take advantage of our experience and methods to prepare your enterprise for the future and ask for more information about our Trend Radar.

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