Driving success with data

Driving success with data

The old saying “The only constant is change” is truer than ever before in the digital age. To survive in the digital world, your enterprise also has to change. The reasons are obvious: you want to grow your profits, reduce your costs and protect your investments. But which direction offers the most lucrative opportunities and on what basis should you make your decisions?

Data will help you to find answers. In the digital age they are a corporate asset - a digital asset that has to be looked after in the same way as any other corporate asset - especially if your company possesses data that nobody else has. This data is particularly valuable and should, for example, lead to better insights through clever linking with external data from partners, which allow more targeted action and thus become a strategic advantage.

This is only possible if the data is accessible and can be retrieved in real time. That’s where we come in. Trivadis is your partner for the intelligent use of data - because data has been in our DNA for more than 25 years. We support you to

    • improve and automate existing data streams and the business processes on which they are based to make your organization more efficient and reduce internal costs;
    • Identify risks to your business at an early stage through data analysis so that you can prevent dangers before they become an issue;
    • to drive your data driven business forward in order to increase your revenue sustainably.


"We help you get real values out of your data. Values that move you forward and make you more successful."
Fabian / Trivadis


From idea to business model with Trivadis

When you get your data streams and business processes right, you’ll discover opportunities to innovate business models – often in combination with the latest technologies. We use agile methods to help you and your colleagues develop forward-looking and sustainable data-based solutions. For this we have a wealth of experience as a companion to customers in thousands of projects relating to the intelligent use of data, for companies of all industries and sizes. We help you to develop ideas that allow your enterprise to derive added value from data. Together with you, we check whether these concepts can be used to implement successful business models.

There are no limits to the ideas we can develop:

  • Enhancement of products with enriched data;
  • Leasing products as a service on a pay-per-use basis;
  • Selling data that is of interest to other enterprises.

Trivadis takes an integrated approach to the development of a digitalization and innovation culture to keep your company agile and profitable. This involves three key factors:

  • An innovation and change process that works;
  • Data-centric and data-driven thinking;
  • Receptiveness to new services, business models and partnerships.

If you want to tap into the full potential of your company's data pool and know what future opportunities exist for your markets and products, contact us.

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