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Staff Story by Birgit

Beyond the beaten track

It's just incredibly varied at Trivadis. Sometimes I work in product development, then in consulting, sometimes I conduct training courses - sometimes I'm on the road internationally, then again in the home office. In all of this, I have a lot of freedom and a lot of room for personal responsibility. 

I came to Trivadis through the recommendation of a colleague. He said: "With Trivadis, you can be sure that they will still be around tomorrow". After my previous employer had to close its doors in 2013, that was an important argument for me. But I also thought it was great that Trivadis made it possible for me to take the six-month trip around the world that I had already planned exactly one month after taking up the job. As a passionate mountaineer, I was able to realise a big dream on the trip, explore routes off the beaten track and climb some six-thousand-metre peaks for the first time. 

But my spirit of discovery, my desire to tread new paths, is also satisfied in my work. And I experience every day that my colleagues in the biGENIUS team feel the same way. We all find it very exciting to continue developing this great product. 

I am Birgit Walk and work as a Senior Consultant in the biGENIUS team. My colleagues and I are looking forward to meeting you! 

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