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Staff Story by Micha

Startup side job

"Freedom" and "doer" are two cultural values at Trivadis that are lived beyond the company boundaries: Thanks to the high degree of flexibility, it is possible for me to run a start-up alongside my job at Trivadis.

These two values are essential for a start-up. The freedom that Trivadis gives me allows me to pursue my dream of having my own start-up. And of course, as an entrepreneur, I can also identify very well with the doer mentality, so I see it as a matter of course that I give something back to Trivadis with my work.

For me, there are two other parallels between my start-up and Trivadis. On the one hand, this is the openness to responsibility: at Trivadis you can already take on responsibility even as a "young savage". ;-) On the other hand, both in the development of an IT solution and in a start-up, certain decisions have to be made with pragmatism so that you can deliver with the necessary drive.

In short: Trivadis completely fulfils my expectations of an employer. Ultimately, all doors are open for you to take on highly exciting tasks in IT consulting with Trivadis – so I can only recommend the company.

My name is Micha Kunz and I work as a Java Associate Consultant. My colleagues and I are looking forward to meeting you!

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