Sparx: Season 1, Episode 9

AI and the future of solution development

Artificial intelligence will have an impact on many areas – including the future of solution development, such as writing and testing code. According to Martin Luckow, Transformation Architect at Trivadis, this calls for a rethink.

Artificial intelligence is already capable of writing texts that could be taken from a Harry Potter novel. We are talking about “GPT-3”. An AI that has been trained with over 180 billion words, a lot of mathematics and even more statistics.

For Dr. Martin Luckow, Transformation Architect at Trivadis, “GPT-3” is an example of progress in AI development. In his Sparx Talk, he speaks about how AI has the potential to turn the jobs of an entire profession upside down – namely those in application development.

Code is just text, says Luckow, and the “GPT-3” AI is already amazingly good at writing it – to the delight of developers. Such an AI will be a helpful support in their jobs and could take over tasks that are rather annoying today. For example, testing new software. As a result, the teams in software development will have to shift their thinking. Luckow: “The times of a developer as a writer of codes are over”.


Martin Luckow (born in 1960), who has a PhD in maths and computer science, is Transformation Architect at Trivadis. The native of Germany is considered an expert, an enthusiast and a sceptic, at the same time, in the field of artificial intelligence. The first two attributes and his love for squash led him to develop the “Go To The T” app, which helps squash players make their training more efficient thanks to artificial intelligence.

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