Sparx: Season 1, Episode 8

How do we want to use technology?

Marc Holitscher, NTO of Microsoft Switzerland, is convinced: We need to develop a common understanding of how we want to use technology - now. Otherwise, new developments in particular could soon lead to technology no longer being used in the interests of all.

The importance of technology and data in today’s world is enormous. For science, business and not least society, their importance is growing practically from innovation to innovation – and thus also their relevance for our daily lives.

In topics such as artificial intelligence, we are currently facing further breakthroughs whose consequences or the breadth and depth to which they will change the world are hardly foreseeable. This is precisely why Marc Holitscher, National Technology Officer of Microsoft Switzerland, believes action is needed.

He does not want to put the brakes on innovation, but he does call for an overarching digital strategy and guard rails for the use of powerful technologies. After all, it should not come to a situation where a machine can independently decide on the basis of non-transparent criteria whether someone should receive medical care or not. Or whether a child is admitted to a certain school or not.


Marc Holitscher (born in 1971) is National Technology Officer and a member of the managing board of Microsoft Switzerland as well as a lecturer at the Hochschule für Wirtschaft Zürich. The native of Switzerland sees himself as a “diplomat” – not primarily because he has a PhD in International Relations, but because he is passionate about building bridges between technology and business.

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