Sparx: Season 1, Episode 6

How AI can help brew beers

Brewmaster Adrian Minnig brews beer with the help of artificial intelligence. In "Sparx" he tells us how this came about, what advantages it brings and why tradition and innovation do not have to conflict in any way.

People who talk about brewing beer usually talk about craft and tradition. Brewmaster Adrian Minnig is no different. But for some time now he has also been using another term when talking about his latest beer creation: artificial intelligence.

Until recently, Minnig himself would never have thought that he would use beer and AI in the same sentence. This changed when an email from the Department of Computer Science at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts landed in his mailbox. The result was a collaboration and a beer: “Deeper”.

The recipe for it is based on a database with thousands of beer recipes and artificial intelligence that is able to generate new unique recipes from them. For Minnig, this is in no way an affront to the brewers’ guild, but a way to create new beers without extensive research.ol to use without watching lengthy tutorials and reading instructions. Or it shows the architect in enormous detail what the future building will look like. In short, it will make life easier for all of us.


Adrian Minnig (born 1984) is technical supervisor at the Swiss micro brewery MN Brew. He implements, as the website says, the “electrical ideas” of MN Brew. This includes the beer “Deeper”, which was developed with the help of artificial intelligence (AI). When Adrian is not at the brewery, he is a logistics engineer, procuring spare parts for the F/A-18, and as an officer in the fire brigade, he makes sure that fire is being tamed.

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