Sparx: Season 2, Episode 4

Automated gambling: how to make money with a trading bot

Dr Martin Luckow, Transformation Architect at Trivadis – Part of Accenture explains how he built a trading bot that autonomously buys and sells on the stock market. And thus earned more than 10,000 euros within 6 months.

Making a lot of money quickly on the stock market – this is the dream of many investors. However, it is easier said than done: the market is unpredictable and opinions on how prices will change commonly contradict each other. How does one make the right decisions in this labyrinth of analyses and prophecies?

Martin Luckow, Transformation Architect at Trivadis – Part of Accenture, has developed a system that helps him do just that: based on artificial intelligence, his trading bot estimates when the best time is to buy or sell on the stock market AND then carries out the respective actions autonomously. In the experiment, the bot, which makes transactions in the millisecond range, made twice as much profit as Luckow's team, which traded in the same period.

What is the secret behind this bot? And how can you develop one yourself? In his "Sparx" talk, Luckow tells us about the trading bot experiment and how it became a success.


Martin Luckow (*1960) holds a doctorate in mathematics and computer science and is a Transformation Architect at Trivadis – Part of Accenture. The German is considered a connoisseur, enthusiast and at the same time sceptic in the field of Artificial Intelligence. The former two attributes and his love of squash led him to develop the app "Go To The T", with which squash players can make their training more efficient thanks to artificial intelligence.

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