Sparx: Season 1, Episode 1

How AI helps children breathe

Using technology and data to improve people's lives: That's what once guided Ana Campos to Trivadis. In this "Sparx" episode, she presents a project in which this has been achieved in an impressive and touching way.

As a little girl, Ana Campos had a dream: that technology would one day help the person closest to her – her little brother. He has suffered from epileptic seizures since an early age. They are so severe that he has been unable to live on his own two feet - until now.

This very personal life story is one of the reasons why Ana works at Trivadis today – and, together with 720 colleagues, is committed to simplifying life and work with intelligent solutions. For tunneling engineers, for example, who are supported by algorithms in identifying cracks. Or for squash players, who can make their training much more efficient with an app.

One of the projects closest to Ana Campos' heart is the project at the AtemReich children's home. What we all take for granted, namely breathing, is not possible for the 18 children at AtemReich under their own power – i. e. they are hooked up to machines day and night.

What if intelligent IT could help these children breathe? What if algorithms could be used to find out why 2-year-old Bianca repeatedly stops breathing? And what if it could be prevented from becoming too late at some point ...?


Ana Campos (*1974) is a business information scientist and Co-CEO of Trivadis. Born in Spain, she does nothing without having a clear why for it – even if this means leaving well-trodden paths. This is also one of the main reasons that Trivadis has been committed to making life and work easier for all of us with intelligent solutions since she took office.

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