Sparx: Season 2, Episode 8

AI-driven personalisation

Targeting customers – even online, with limited personal contact options? Kathrin Schwan, Managing Director at Accenture, and Sarah Boecker, Data Science Manager at Accenture, explain in their "Sparx" episode how this can be achieved with the help of AI-supported psychometrics.

In times of digitalisation with its new sales opportunities, the variety of offers is constantly increasing. The consumer behaviour of customers has also changed accordingly and demands on services and products have risen. This makes it all the more important to be able to address customers in a targeted manner in the digital space.

Up to now, companies have mainly focused their customer targeting on demographic data such as age, gender and income. However, as Sarah Boecker, Data Science Manager at Accenture, says: "What distinguishes you as an individual from me as another individual is certainly more than that." For example, character traits, personal values and intelligence.

But how can companies identify information like this in order to address customers individually? AI-supported psychometric methods provide a solution: they allow personality traits of customers to be derived from their digital footprints – highly automated and almost in real time.

This in turn enables a personalised customer approach and new opportunities in targeted advertising. Schwan and Boecker show further application possibilities along the customer journey and their benefits in their "Sparx" talk.


Kathrin Schwan (*1974) has been Managing Director at Accenture since 2020 where she is responsible for Data Science and Machine Learning in the ASG (Austria, Switzerland & Germany) region. Before joining Accenture, Schwan was Analytics Business Management Director Europe & Americas at BCG Gamma and Vice President Data Science & Analytics Americas at Criteo. Schwan holds a degree in economics and is married with two sons.


Sarah Alicia Boecker (*1993) is a Data Science Manager at Accenture. In this role, she combines her knowledge of psychology, applied statistics and AI to help companies better understand their customers. Boecker holds a Master of Science in Business, Organisational and Social Psychology from Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität in Munich.

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