Harnessing energy with Trivadis

How data analysis can be used to build better wind parks and harness clean energy for all

Harnessing energy with Trivadis

How data analysis can be used to build better wind parks and harness clean energy for all

Data are a key component of the energy revolution

Affordable clean energy for everyone. For a sustainable world. Our customer is a role model in turning this vision into a reality. The new analysis platform in the cloud provides important information to better construct new plants, increase energy yields and lower costs for customers.

Fragmented data hindered innovation and optimizations

The data from operations of over 1,200 offshore wind plants are an essential source for implementing these improvements and innovations. But in the past, these data were stored in a variety of cloud services. The analysis processes also were not carried out automatically. It is precisely that information, though, that engineers need to have access to at the touch of a button in order to recognize weaknesses in plant components or behaviour at load peaks.



Our customer needed an analysis platform that would gather all of their data and evaluate these automatically according to their needs in order to assist the engineers with planning and to provide the maintenance experts with important points of reference for preventative measures.


Trivadis brings everything together and creates transparency

After a comprehensive assessment of the situation and an analysis, we developed a comprehensive solution for the energy supplier. The result: Our solution is able to bring together the data from the various clouds, to process these in a simple and scalable manner, and to analyze them automatically. To provide an idea of the scope: Our solution is used to process and analyze billions of data from the offshore wind farms each year.

Engineers and maintenance experts reach their goals more quickly, easily and efficiently

The customer’s engineers have current analyses and information to work with. They can more readily recognize weaknesses and take these into consideration in new developments or optimizations at the wind power plants and offshore wind farms. Potentials for higher energy yields can also be identified and implemented better. The specialists who maintain the extremely high-load wind power plants also gain significant information about the useful life of components from the analyses. This allows them to plan their maintenance intervals more efficiently and specifically, which leads to a considerable reduction of operating costs.


The Trivadis solution

The solution at a glance
  • Set-up of automatic, simple and scalable data processing and analytical assessment that makes engineering and maintenance more efficient
  • Implementation, provision and operation of the platform
  • Integration into the customer’s existing IT environment
Key technologies at a glance
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Azure Services (Stream Analytics, Blob Storage, MDS, Azure IoT Hub, PowerBI)
  • OPC, VPN, .NET, PowerShell, T-SQL, SSIS

“Our solution for the customer is an important component that helps to lower the costs for green energy and thus supports the energy revolution, which is desperately needed to minimize the effects of climate change.”

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