Raiffeisen Switzerland and Trivadis

Intelligent backup

Raiffeisen Switzerland and Trivadis

Intelligent backup

In the digital world the one thing that you don’t want to happen is data getting lost. Backups are an absolutely essential procedure at any company. But they often consume vast human and technical resources. Surely there’s a smarter solution? We delivered just that to our customer Raiffeisen with our Trivadis Intelligent Backup tool. Raiffeisen wanted to standardize all the various Oracle database backup processes. It was important to the database administrators that the databased could be easily integrated into the new backup tool, thereby reducing their workload, and that backup control was centralized and automated.

Dynamic data backup replacing fixed schedules

Trivadis Intelligent Backup is the new standard solution on Raiffeisen’s 80 or so AIX servers. Our tool plans and implements database backups autonomously in a new and unique process. The times when the backups for each database are implemented aren’t scheduled. Instead, dynamic backups are performed on the basis of central policies and depending on the database situation at any one time.

A new backup strategy based on teamwork

Raiffeisen was very impressed by the direct and uncomplicated collaboration with our development team. It particularly appreciated the competent solutions proposed by the team in the implementation phase, where new requirements were promptly integrated after each increment. The new backup concept was introduced in a stage-by-stage process, from proof-of-concept to the last server, without any interruptions.

Lower costs and a secure future

The complex, decentral backup configuration is now a thing of the past. Once defined, the backup processes run independently and new databases are automatically recognized and promptly backed up. Trivadis Intelligent Backup is a proactive system that dynamically adapts to new circumstances. This considerably reduces the burden of work falling to the database administrators.

About Raiffeisen Group

The Raiffeisen Group is the leading Swiss retail bank with 1.9 million cooperative members and 3.7 million customers. It has 977 branches throughout Switzerland.


"With Trivadis Intelligent Backup, we have developed a solution that is pioneering for data backup. It more than fulfilled the expectations of our customer Raiffeisen".
Stefano Schintu


The Trivadis solution

The solution at a glance
  • Demand-oriented and adaptive backup planning through central schedule algorithm
  • No single point of failure thanks to the emergency mode on the database server
  • Simple and guided database recovery with interactive tool support
  • Central administration of all backup tasks
The technology at a glance
  • Oracle 12c Enterprise Edition
  • IBM AIX 7 HACMP Failover Cluster
  • EMC Networker Backup Storage
  • Oracle Data Guard

“TVD Backup met all our expectations in full and we were positively surprised by how simple it is to use and configure. TVD Backup also proactively circumvents problems, which considerably reduces the workload in our day-to-day operations.”

Bruno Leutenegger, Database Team Leader, Raiffeisen Group, Switzerland

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