Machine construction and Trivadis

Transitioning a traditional company into an efficient digital factory

Machine construction and Trivadis

Transitioning a traditional company into an efficient digital factory

Fit for industry 4.0

Bridges, cars, wind turbines and ships are all made of machine-manufactured components. These machines also have to be built efficiently and intelligently because a modern world needs modern machine manufacturers. Digitalization is the key. One of the leading manufacturers of NC-controlled cross-cut and circular saws, drilling and milling machines and sheet metal processing centers asked us to help it move into the digital future of manufacturing. The objective of our partnership was to modernize process and industrial control software for smart factory operations.

Everything on single digital platform

The customer had different control systems for its various production machines that weren’t compatible. So, it was impossible to integrate anything. As a result, the main focus of our project was to create a uniform platform for the operation and maintenance of all existing and future machines according to one single concept. We also had to connect them all up for smart factory automation.

First of all, we conducted a situation analysis to define the specifications for the new system. On that basis we developed an integrated IT solution that enabled fully automated production order processing. It included a navigation system to optimize material flows in the entire production process, a graphics-based and logically structured order management system for the shift managers and innovative controls with easy-to-use touchscreens for the production equipment operators.

Higher productivity, lower costs

The customer was able to reduce the costs of commissioning, maintenance and technical support services for its production equipment by 80 percent with our solution. Now the operators use touchscreens and are supported in making their work item processing entries. The solution also incorporates IoT connections, as well as big data and cloud solutions.


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The Trivadis solution

The solution at a glance
  • Integrated digital platform for machine control and maintenance
  • New standard touchscreen operating concept for machines
  • Graphics-based order management for shift managers
  • Fully automated production order processing
  • New, agile methods for in-house software development

“We’ve made the customer fit for the digital world and introduced new agile methods into the organization. With our support the Scrum software development method has been rolled out. It replaces the previous inflexible and time-consuming waterfall method.”

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