Together for a smarter Life

Together for a smarter Life

Our aim is to create a world in which intelligent IT simplifies life and work as a matter of course

That’s our mission and our motivation. Everything we do is with that aim in mind

Creating great things together

Refill your fridge, control your Smart Home or ask Alexa: Intelligent IT can already do a lot. But it can do much more if we want to.

Think, for example, of solutions that help people with disabilities control things with their eyes. Or robots that make everyday life easier for seniors.

Let's do great things together with IT.


Making work easier, more creative and more innovative

We can do more things today than ever before. We have platforms for new business models. Blockchain technology gives us independence and security. Global collaboration is easy - now that we have digital workplaces. We want to develop solutions with you that make work perceptibly easier. Give us your best so that we can achieve new objectives together.

Turning data into business value

We support you in obtaining the maximum possible value from your company’s data so that you can build your business. With us you can optimize the products, services and business models that will take your company forward into the future.

Our services cover the three areas of data provisioning, data refinement and data use.

Prompt provisioning of data platforms

These days, everybody expects data to be immediately available. In a matter of seconds. We make that possible by providing you with stable and extendable data platforms for data provisioning. These platforms are quickly available and can be flexibly and individually adapted to your business requirements.

Individual data refinement

Would you like to derive information and added value from your data quickly and easily? No problem - we prepare your data accordingly. That means we clean, correct, filter, sort or combine them. For example, we use your data to make new connections visible to you and thus point out potential courses of action.

Intelligent use of data

To ensure the best-possible use of the refined data for your existing or new business model you need extendable, readily available and secure solutions. We develop them for you. In the development process we ensure that the solutions can easily be integrated in your technical infrastructure, your business model and your organization. And, naturally, that they are suitable for the people who use them.

You get exactly what you need

In all three service areas you decide how much of our knowledge and experience you need. You can request individual services or a complete service package.

We also support you when you have to overcome temporary bottlenecks. We advise you on technology, architecture, methods and transformation, or provide you with experts to directly free up your resources.

Whatever your objective is and whatever you need: we’re your full-service partner - from idea to implementation. Together for a smarter life.


Think outside the box

Trivadis simplifies life and work. Together for a smarter life.
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