Smart living with intelligent IT – Customer stories

Together with our customers, we make life and work easier with IT solutions, services and platforms. Explore our customer stories to find out what is possible and discover inspiration for your project. See for yourself how we gain added value from data in practice and use it to turn new business models, better services and visions into a reality.

Kinderhaus Atemreich
How artificial intelligence helps children breathe
Public sector Microsoft Azure,  The Cloud,  Data analytics,  Maschine Learning 
Faster to the selfdriving car thanks to a central data platform
Automotive Microsoft Azure,  The Cloud,  Data warehouse 
Basel Stadt
Platform analyses and visualises large amounts of data
Public sector Microsoft Azure,  Trivadis IoT Gate,  IoT 
Bayerische Milchindustrie eG
Highest data and service availability for failsafe production
Industry Trivadis System Care,  Microsoft SQL,  Data warehouse,  Managed Services 
Transparent corporate structures – thanks to smart Knowledge Graphs
Finance and insurance Microsoft Azure,  Knowledge Graphen,  Data analytics,  Graphen 
Central backup solution for increased data protection
Industry TVD Backup,  Trivadis Toolbox,  Data warehouse 
Bricks AG
Working together for the city of the future
Industry Microsoft Azure,  Microsoft O365,  Digital workplace 
The revolution in Corporate Banking
Finance and insurance NoSQL,  Digitalization 
From a newspaper to a digital media company
Media Microsoft Azure,  Power BI,  Data analytics 
Geberit Group
Acquiring new customers? Automatically!
Retail Industry Microsoft Azure,  Microsoft Dynamics,  Microsoft O365,  Power BI,  Digital workplace,  CRM,  Digitalization 
Royalites at a glance - thanks to a smart BI solution
Media Microsoft Azure,  Power BI,  The Cloud,  Data analytics 
Increased efficiency and customer proximity with digital information system
Finance and insurance biGENiUS,  Microsoft Dynamics,  Power BI,  Data warehouse,  CRM 
Pro Senectute
Digitalization of a variety of offers for seniors
Java,  Open Source,  Microsoft SQL,  Digitalization 
Detect machine damage during maintenance 45 days in advance
Industry Microsoft Azure,  IoT 
LGT Bank
Secure and error-free data availability
Finance and insurance Trivadis Toolbox,  Data warehouse 
Turning data into added value along the supply chain
IT Microsoft Azure,  Power BI,  Data analytics 
Haufe Group
Cloud services for product development close to the market
Media Microsoft Azure,  The Cloud,  Digitalization 
Go to the T
Improving Squash training thanks to smart algorithms
Open Source,  The Cloud,  Data analytics 
Magazine zum Globus AG
Improving customer experience with data analytics
Retail biGENiUS,  Microsoft SQL,  The Cloud,  Data analytics 
Osiandersche Buchhandlung GmbH
A bookseller on the same level as the online giants
Retail Trivadis System Care,  Oracle,  Data warehouse,  Managed Services 
Porsche AG
Modern data platform for small parts in big cars
Automotive Microsoft Azure,  Trivadis Toolbox,  Java,  Oracle,  Data warehouse 
Oswald Nahrungsmittel GmbH
Greatest customer proximity thanks to Power BI in the Cloud
Retail Microsoft Azure,  Trivadis System Care,  Power BI,  Data warehouse,  Data analytics,  Power BI,  Managed Services
Machine Learning improves the shopping experience at
Retail Microsoft Azure,  Maschine Learning 
Cushy job thanks to intelligent task planning
Industry Microsoft Azure,  Microsoft Dynamics,  Power BI,  CRM 
Smart deployment of service technicians thanks to a digitalised customer service
Industry Microsoft Azure,  Microsoft Dynamics,  Power BI,  CRM 
Fraunhofer SCS
Smart market and technology monitoring thanks to knowledge graphs
IT Microsoft Azure,  Knowledge Graphen,  Graphen 
Karger Verlag
Transformation in the fast lane – thanks to a Digital Workplace
Media Microsoft Azure,  Microsoft O365,  Power BI,  Digital workplace 
Interactive passenger numbers at a glance
Public sector Microsoft SQL,  Data analytics 
Modern development processes thanks to Managed Services
Retail Oracle,  Managed Services 
Steuerverwaltung Kanton Aargau
Easier and better availability of texts and messages
Public sector Microsoft O365,  Open Source,  Microsoft SQL,  Digitalization,  Managed Services 
Bethesda Spital AG
Specialists close to hand at all times
Medicine and pharmaceuticals Trivadis System Care,  Oracle,  Managed Services 
Manage customer relationships with cloudbased CRM system
Industry Microsoft Dynamics,  Microsoft O365,  CRM 
Burckhardt Compression Holding AG
Extensive added value thanks to managed services
Industry Oracle,  Microsoft SQL,  Managed Services 
Ready for the energy industry of the future – thanks to big data analysis
Public sector biGENiUS,  Oracle,  Data analytics 
Sustainably optimised service quality and processes
IT Trivadis System Care,  Oracle,  Managed Services 
High-availability cluster database enables growth
Industry Oracle,  Data warehouse,  Managed Services 
Bespoke SQL training – thanks to experience and expertise
Retail Microsoft SQL,  Managed Services 
From classic delivery vans to transport vehicles of the future
Automotive Open Source,  Data analytics 
A quicker route to autonomous driving thanks to self-service portal
Automotive AWS,  Open Source,  The Cloud 
Efficient handling of flight irregularities thanks to an online platform
Public sector Microsoft O365,  Managed Services 
Ensemble Hospitalier de la Côte
State-of-the-art healthcare facilities thanks to tailored BI solution
Medicine and pharmaceuticals biGENiUS,  Data analytics,  Tableau reporting 
Berner Fachhochschule
Flexible self-service portal thanks to Azure Identity Management
Public sector Microsoft Azure,  Microsoft O365,  The Cloud,  Digitalization 
Intelligent bus depot management for more punctual buses
Public sector Trivadis IoT Gate,  Java,  Kafka,  Open Source,  The Cloud,  IoT,  Data analytics,  Maschine Learning 
BKW Gruppe
Ideal Integration platform and processes – thanks to experience and know-how
Industry Oracle,  Data warehouse 
Basel energy supplier monitors electricity production thanks to IoT platform
Public sector Microsoft Azure,  Trivadis IoT Gate,  IoT 
Qualitas AG
Digitalisation in the pigsty thanks to mobile app
IT Open Source,  Digitalization 
Flexible and cost-efficient database system
Retail Trivadis Toolbox,  Oracle,  Microsoft SQL,  Managed Services 
BuchPartner GmbH
Trivadis accompanies BuchPartner on its journey to the Cloud
Retail Microsoft Azure,  Oracle,  Data warehouse,  Managed Services 
Monitoring and analysis of energy consumption in private households
Public sector Microsoft Azure,  Trivadis IoT Gate,  Power BI,  IoT,  Digitalization 
Sanitas Krankenversicherungs AG
Modern data warehouse thanks to well thought-out proof of concept
Medicine and pharmaceuticals biGENiUS,  Kafka,  Oracle,  Data warehouse 
Rehaklinik Bellikon
Management of sensitive data thanks to SystemCare
Medicine and pharmaceuticals Oracle,  Microsoft SQL,  Managed Services 
Mazda Austria
Modern data analysisin self-service mode
Automotive Oracle,  Data warehouse,  Big data 
Deutsche Bank AG
Improved efficiency thanks to comparison of processes
Finance and insurance Data analytics 
New, powerful "engine" in old DWH saves time and money
biGENiUS,  Managed Services 
Better decisions thanks to a smart BI@AWS solution
Finance and insurance AWS,  The Cloud,  Data warehouse 
Fast, simple risk management thanks to Azure Cloud environment
IT The Cloud,  Data warehouse