Requirements Engineering

Are you about to embark on a major IT project?
Then you should find out about our Requirements Engineering services.

Requirements Engineering

Are you about to embark on a major IT project?
Then you should find out about our Requirements Engineering services.

How to implement complex IT projects fast and avoid errors

Our Requirements Engineering services help your management in the efficient and low-error development of complex IT systems. Together we can increase your IT projects’ success rate. We’ll help you to reduce your costs throughout the entire application lifecycle and we also train and support your staff and users in gaining a better understanding your complex IT project.
Your advantages with us as your partner
If you want to implement complex IT projects in a pragmatic and targeted way, and ensure that the necessary knowledge to do that is always available, take advantage of Trivadis‘ proven solutions and seamlessly integrated services.
Requirements engineering consulting
Our experienced and certified consultants centrally manage all of your requirements engineering tasks. They also contribute the necessary tools and methods. You benefit from the shared understanding of your IT project as we help you to get the best possible result out of your IT project.
Requirements engineering coaching
Our coaches support you to deploy the right methods at the right times. This helps you to sustainably improve your IT management processes and reduce the costs throughout your application’s entire lifecycle.
Training and workshops
Our expert coaches provide training to your personnel in official certification courses. Company-specific workshops and courses ensure that requirements engineering isn’t just successfully rolled out, but also accepted and continuously used.


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What requirements engineering means and what it involves

One of the main aspects of any requirements engineering project is the engineer’s analysis of your system requirements (requirements management), which is based on an analysis of your computer-based information systems. We also implement a software engineering-based needs and requirements analysis of software products.
Our requirements engineering activities and objectives include the description, definition and analysis of requirements in detailed and operational form. This enables us to optimize the quality of the requirements definition for your project and minimize the potential errors.
Often, requirements engineering is confused with realization. But they are two different things. Requirements engineering focuses on a situation analysis and the preparation of a requirements definition reflecting the analysis results as the basis for the target concept.

 Methods and use of IT

We obtain the data we need for requirements engineering from surveys and/or analysis. New requirements are identified with you using creative methods such as brainstorming and mind maps. Surveys are conducted in the form of interviews or questionnaires, although they should be supplemented with at least one form of analysis (system or document analysis, or monitoring of system users as they work with the system). Supporting IT methods and tools also play an important role in requirements engineering.

Computer Aided Software Engineering (CASE) tools were developed many years ago. They use special modelling languages which can represent requirements. However, they were highly abstract and therefore not really suitable as a means of establishing consensus between users and developers in the early phase of a requirements engineering process. Today we use modern networked tools which promote knowledge sharing between developers and users – at any time or place.

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