Versatile report generator.

You want to prepare and distribute reports for varying recipient groups. With RepGeneTM automates to a large extent this frequently time-consuming and error-prone task. For example, the work steps involved in opening the standard report for 40 cost center managers, setting the correct period and cost center, and then printing, saving or mailing the report, can be completed at the press of a button. The process can be flexibly parameterized and adapted to accommodate your specific needs.

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  • Automated generation of reports with custom settings
  • Continued usage and optimization of your existing Excel reports as templates
  • Distribution to target groups by email; print, save as online or offline Excel, PDF, HTML or CSV files
  • Flexible creation of groups and custom-fit output of report portfolios. An area manager, for instance, can be sent all the relevant reports on his team in just one report portfolio.
  • Output of exception reports triggered by freely definable conditions for turning active information broadcasting and alert reporting into reality.
  • Values can be calculated in Excel tables and then written back to the database. This makes it easier to resolve complicated BI tasks.
  • Selective elimination of OLAP formulas for Excel offline reporting. This allows you to send planning records with valid active calculations and suitable stipulations.
  • Removal of hidden fields and macros. The recipient receives a slimmed down Excel offline report that only contains what he or she is actually supposed to see.

RepGeneTM – functionality and application uses.

RepGeneTM is suitable for databases with dynamic Excel integration such as Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services, Oracle Hyperion Smart View (Essbase, HFM), IBM Cognos TM1, Jedox Palo, or parameter requests in Microsoft Query. Featuring a user-friendly GUI, it functions via an Excel add-in which allows the implementation of an unlimited number of freely designed report templates.

  • Automatic report generation
  • Alert reporting
  • Active information broadcasting

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Gregor Zeiler

Trivadis, Senior Solution Manager Business Intelligence