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Raiffeisen Switzerland Cooperative TVD-Backup with Trivadis Intelligent Backup

«TVD-Backup delivered exactly what it promised. We were very positively surprised at how easy it is to use and configure. TVD-Backup also proactively prevents problems and has considerably reduced our daily workload.»

Bruno Leutenegger, Databases Group Leader, Raiffeisen Switzerland Cooperative


Challenge and inital situation

Raiffeisen wanted to standardise all its different Oracle database back-up procedures. The database administrators were keen to ensure that the new back-up tool would reduce their workload by enabling the simple integration of new databases and central, automated back-up control. Raiffeisen also wanted a simple, central back-up tool to avoid having different software versions on the database servers, which had often caused problems in the past.



TVD-Backup is the new standard solution on Raiffeisen’s 80 or so AIX servers. TVD-Backup plans and implements database back-ups autonomously in a new and unique process. There is no fixed schedule for the time of each database back-up because back-ups are dynamically scheduled in line with central policies and the database situation at any one time. To define back-up requirements, Raiffeisen categorised the databases according to their SLA and then defined and configured six policies. Once defined, new databases can quickly be added for reliable, autonomous back-up.
TVD-Backup is also unique because the interaction of various components conserves infrastructure resources and reduces risks.

  • Needs-oriented, adaptive back-up scheduling with a central schedule algorithm
  • No single point of failure thanks to emergency mode on the database server
  • Simple and guided databank restore with interactive tool support
  • Central administration of all back-up related tasks


Customer benefits

Raiffeisen appreciates the very simple provisioning of TVD-Backup. The launch phase, from proof of concept to last server, was completely problem-free.
Complex, decentral back-up configuration is now a thing of the past and the supplied templates made the initial configuration process very easy. Once defined, the back-up runs autonomously and new databases are automatically recognised and included in the back-up process. This is a big advantage for the database administrators in their day-to-day work. TVD-Backup is proactive and it dynamically adapts to new circumstances such as a higher volume of archive logs or longer back-up runtimes. This rules out potential problems and substantially reduces the database administrator’s workload. Smart back-up control reduces the I/O load on the productive database servers without any additional risk and also considerably reduces the back-up volume.
Another very valuable feature of TVD-Backup that Raiffeisen now regularly uses is the interactive, menu-driven database recovery feature which makes the recovery process faster and easier, and minimises risks.

Technologies & products

  • Oracle 12c Enterprise Edition
  • IBM AIX 7 HACMP Failover Cluster
  • EMC Networker Backup Storage
  • Oracle Data Guard


Customer & sector

Raiffeisen Switzerland Cooperative, banking


Success through collaboration

Raiffeisen felt that the direct and uncomplicated contact with the TVD-Backup development team delivered great added value. It particularly appreciated the speed and competence with which solutions were proposed during the implementation phase. New requirements were promptly incorporated in the next versions.


About the customer

Raiffeisen: third-largest bank group in Switzerland
The Raiffeisen Group is the leading Swiss retail bank. The third largest bank in the Swiss banking sector has 1.9 million cooperative members and 3.7 million clients. The Raiffeisen Group is represented at 977 locations throughout Switzerland. The 270 legally autonomous Raiffeisen cooperative banks are amalgamated into the Raiffeisen Switzerland Cooperative, which is the strategic leader of the entire Raiffeisen Group. Raiffeisen offers private individuals and companies a wide range of products and services through Group companies, joint ventures and enterprises in which it holds an equity investment. As at 31 June 2016, the Raiffeisen Group had CHF 212 billion in assets under management and CHF 170 billion in loans to clients. The market share is 17.2 % in the mortgage business. Total assets amount to CHF 219 billion.


  • Branche: Banken
  • Thema: TVD-Backup
  • Technology: EMC Networker Backup Storage IBM AIX 7 Oracle Data Guard Oracle 12c