Successes achieved for our customers.

Integration platform and processes

Thanks to the competent support and experience of the Trivadis consultants, we now have a powerful and flexible service platform. The setup and launch of the platform were carried out in a thoroughly solution-oriented and professional manner. This means that we now also have at our disposal a template for future developments in this area, and with the training given to our staff we can implement them efficiently as well.“

Maurice Bachor, head of the Enterprise Application Integration working group, BKW Energie AG

Challenge and initial situation

BKW Energie AG commissioned Trivadis to provide solutions for several issues:

  • For some years now, Oracle Service Bus (OSB) has been successfully deployed at BKW Energie AG as a central mediation platform for Enterprise Application Integration (EAI). The high availability platform primarily provides stateless services for integrating applications with data and log transformations. To supplement this integration platform, a likewise high-availability environment is now to be set up on which the process-centric processing operations can also be efficiently mapped and executed as stateful services.
  • The medium-term objective is to expand the capabilities of the platform with decision services by means of a rule engine and a Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) tool.
  • Last but not least, the Development, Engineering and Operations staff have to be trained and supported during the further improvement measures.


The fully realized project covers all the areas in question, from the design of the new platform and its implementation, development of the integration processes, through to optimization of the platform and training of the internal staff:

  • High availability SOA Suite 12c cluster platform based on Oracle WebLogic
  • Integration processes between business-critical applications
  • Optimization of the existing OSB 11g platform
  • Training of the Engineering, Operations and Development staff
  • Design guidelines and recommendations for developers

The integration processes implemented as a pilot solution allow the network information systems to be linked up with the ERP system at BKW. They are based on the Business Process Execution Language (BPEL) and use Oracle Service Bus on the mediation level.
During the company-specific training, BKW staff from various ICT areas were specially trained in the respective requirements and needs in the areas of platform engineering, tuning, monitoring, operations, and application development.

Customer benefits

The utilized architecture concepts and technologies provide for an extremely fault-tolerant integration solution which automatically safeguards the reliable transmission and processing of messages even in the event of temporary downtimes or an overload of the end systems. It can also cope with system failures lasting for several hours or days. The individual processed events can be tracked at all times as required.

The drafted design guidelines and recommendations – together with the high-availability platform and the task-oriented training – allow for efficient development of robust and fail-safe solutions for future application scenarios.

Technologies & products

  • Oracle WebLogic Suite
  • Oracle Service Bus
  • Oracle SOA Suite

Success through collaboration

For the successful and target-oriented implementation, the project teams from different departments at BKW and at Trivadis worked very closely together. This ensured that the solutions ideally accommodate the specific circumstances and fulfil the requirements and needs at BKW to the greatest possible extent. The know-how and experience of both parties could thus be exploited to the full.

About the customer

BKW is an internationally operating energy and infrastructure company with around 3,500 employees. Thanks to the diverse areas of expertise that are unified under a single umbrella, BKW provides customers throughout Switzerland with comprehensive and made-to-measure services. BKW plans, builds and operates energy production and supply infrastructures for companies, private customers, and the public sector. With its distribution network – the largest in Switzerland –  BKW reliably supplies a million people with electricity around the clock. BKW is also involved in the development of innovative technologies for a sustainable and dependable supply infrastructure.


  • Branche: Dienstleister
  • Thema: Infrastructure SOA Training
  • Technology: Oracle DB