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Fédération des Hôpitaux Vaudois Informatique: TVD-Standby Customer Case

«Our main objective was to review our physical and logical architecture, to define new standards in accordance with Oracle best practices and licenses policies. With the assistance of Trivadis, we implement a real secured solution based on two physical servers (one for each Datacenter) with fast drives for the databases files and a set of advanced scripts to manage and rebuild it. In addition to security aspect, we have benefits in overall performance of our databases and a reduction of global licenses costs. This solution provided by Oracle is well known for its reliability since more than a decade. The TVD-Standby shell provides all the required information to monitor the synchronisation of all databases and is easily handled by Linux trained engineers. This global solution is hosted on a full patch configuration which facilitates overall administration thereby reducing the admins workload.»

Florian Viard, Expert DBA, FHVI


Challenge and initial situation

The solution addresses the known issue in the Oracle infrastructure licence in shared VMWare environments. Due to the customer’s global VMWare architecture strategy an alternative solution for the Oracle databases was suggested. This necessitated creating a dedicated consolidation platform for Oracle databases which had the same disaster and recovery features offered by VMWare Motion.



The customer used the Oracle standard edition 2 to build a dedicated solution for Oracle 12c and moved all existing databases to two servers compatible with the Oracle licencing agreement (maximum two sockets per server). Trivadis TVD-Standby provides high availability features for each database. In the event of a crash the customer can quickly switch to the second data centre.

Data centre 1 – Server 1

  • 21 production primary databases
  • 2 QA standby databases for mirroring test purpose (TVD-Standby)

Data centre – Server 2

  • 21 production standby databases (TVD-Standby)
  • 17 QA primary databases



Customer benefit

The customer is happy about his new dedicated and performant Oracle infrastructure that fits his needs and makes him fully compliant with the Oracle licensing rules. TVD-Standby is actively used to guarantee database replication in terms of data high availability and TVD-Standby assures the defined service level agreement requirements.


Technology & products

  • Red Hat Linux 7.2
  • Oracle 12c Standard Edition 2
  • TVD-Standby


Customer & industry



Success through collaboration

The project ran with a great collaboration using Trivadis best practices to achieve the best performance. In addition, the delivered documentation contributes to build robust procedure to support efficiently the whole architecture.


About the customer

The FHVI (Fédération des hôpitaux Vaudois Informatique, former ADIES Association D'Informatique des Etablissements Sanitaires) is an entity created under the SSP, the FHV and AVDEMS in 1985, in the spirit of a formal pool of resources, skills and equipment which is necessary for the development and operation of information systems in regional hospitals in Vaud.
The recognized association with a common public interest, non-profit, was registered in the commercial register in 1985. Its headquarters are in Prilly on the site of Cery, in buildings rented by CHUV (Centre hospitalier universitaire vaudois).


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