Project Coaching.

Trivadis coaching sessions accompany your employees throughout every phase of your project to make it a success.  With a preliminary discussion about the required content, an intensive preparation phase by our coaches, and a clear focus on the time & budget restraints, we will work together with you to make your project a success. Our specialists take over the required role on your team. The spectrum covers requirements engineering, architecture, modernization, integration solutions, project management, operational


concepts, and much more besides. Your employees will receive valuable tips and critical feedback, particularly during the conception and start phases of a project. Trivadis coaching trainers are extremely experienced architects, software developers, data warehouse experts or database administrators, who are additionally qualified as trainers. Please contact our consulting team in your local region for detailed advice.


trivadis trainings projekt coaching


trivadis training projekt coaching

trivadis trainings projekt coaching

Project Mobile Development.

Do you need the know-how for efficiently creating mobile solutions for iOS, Android, and Windows 8 for enhanced support of your business processes? Mobile software engineering differs in several respects from traditional application development. To ensure that your project is a success right from the outset, the Trivadis project coaching program offers a holistic approach comprising training, project work, and project management modules. Instead of the usual method, where the project team’s knowledge base is built up first in training sessions and then applied together with an IT service

provider to realize the project, the integral Trivadis approach offers many advantages. Together with you, we define the project goals of a proof of concept. In condensed workshops, we convey the specific knowledge that your project team requires. Our trainers then accompany you through to the PoC, and support your project team in building up additional expertise during the project implementation. The aim is to develop a working application in the context of the PoC. Click here for more details.

Project performance by Trivadis consultants and your project team


Trivadis, Bernd Rössler, Head of Training

Bernd Rössler

Solution Manager Trivadis Training