Modern cloud infrastructure

Do you want to move to the cloud, but don’t know how? Or are you already using it and want to make the most of the advantages? We can support you with our cloud solutions.

Getting started with cloud computing is like a journey that’s exciting, but also dangerous. Potential dangers include: uncontrolled use of cloud services, securing your own cloud tenant, complexity in management or simply “just” the rapid increase in costs.

In order to avoid these stumbling blocks right from the start, we will accompany you from the first idea and the necessary adjustments in your company (e.g. in processes, guidelines, etc.) to your Cloud Foundation, which we can then also operate for you if necessary.

Every cloud basically provides you with a virtual data centre and, as such, requires you to set it up. Our Cloud Foundation will make it easier for you to approach this in a structured way. Once the Cloud Foundation is established, it can be used to migrate workloads on-premises to the cloud or to implement new modern data platforms.

Our proven approach minimizes the complexity of implementing cloud computing in your organisation. And thanks to the highest level of automation (via Infrastructure-as-Code) when implementing our Cloud Foundation, you get your environment in a matter of hours instead of months. Just clever!

Your Benefit

By relying on our cloud solutions, you benefit in several ways. You get:

Foundation for modern data platforms and solutions

Flexible, scalable infra­structure according to your needs

Compre­hensive security concept at technical and organi­sational level

Our Offer

  1. Reactive Business
    • Cloud Computing Orientation Workshop – we give you an overview of the key aspects of cloud computing and explain the connections so that you get a clearer picture and thus have a perfect basis for decision-making at hand.

  2. Check, Assess & Plan
    • Cloud Readiness Assessment – whether you’re right at the start or have already begun your journey to the cloud: the assessment clarifies where you are currently and enables you to create a roadmap and a catalogue of measures so that you can better assess your current situation, identify areas for action and set priorities correctly.

  3. Build, Test & Verify
    • Cloud Foundation – we automatically build and configure your virtual data centre with one or more cloud providers so you have a tailored, future-proof foundation on which to build.
  4. Migrate & Scale
    • Cloud Transition – with the transition, we help you migrate workloads on-premises to your cloud environment so you can seamlessly consolidate them.
    • Cloud Training – comprehensive training courses, whether on the cloud in general or specific to individual cloud providers, are also available to you. This enables you to build up know-how in parallel with the project so that your employees are equipped for the cloud solutions of the future.

  5. Data Driven Business
    • Managed Cloud Services – we are also happy to take over the operation of the Cloud Foundation for you, so that you can concentrate on your core business. It doesn’t matter whether you set up the Cloud Foundation yourself or whether we implemented it together.

Why Trivadis

We offer you everything related to data: from consulting to solutions and platforms, operation, support and maintenance to resources and training. Like a Swiss Army knife, but even better.

We are technology- and provider-independent. Your requirements and benefits are our top priority.

Proven in-house blueprints, methods and tools enable us to achieve a high level of automation. This allows us to support you more quickly and cost-effectively.

We have been working as data specialists since 1994. We know our business inside out.

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