More time for your core business

Our managed services extend to the operation, support and maintenance of your applications and infrastructure throughout their entire lifecycle.

Our managed services family «Trivadis SystemCare», which includes the products «SystemCare for Applications» and «SystemCare for Infrastructure», cover the operation, support and maintenance of your applications and infrastructure (databases, middleware and operating systems) throughout their entire lifecycles. This comprehensive service offering comprises the care of all your IT systems and their applications. You can configure selected services from our SystemCare Service Catalogue or request a Custom-Built Solution. Our highly specialized methods and tools assure efficiency, sustainability and innovation.

Your Benefit

By relying on our managed services, you benefit from:

Focus on core business

Predictable costs

Reduction of people dependence

What we offer

  • Supported managed services for your entire IT service organization
  • Service packages that are optimally tailored to your requirements
  • Configured services selected from our comprehensive SystemCare Service Catalogue or as Custom Built SolutionsA wide range of services: from operation services to the provision of technology experts
  • Services for your software applications, middleware, databases and operating systems
  • All basic services for a fixed price
  • Sustainable and continuous optimization

How we support you

Services in the cloud: Would you like to transfer some of your applications or IT infrastructure into the cloud without missing out on modern, flexible and selectable operation, support and maintenance services? We can advise you on the cloud evaluation, service initialization and transition (e.g. secure database transfer) and the smooth operation of your cloud solution. We use core technologies and standards that ensure the long-term protection and economic optimization of your investment in the cloud. You can also take advantage of our managed services family Trivadis SystemCare in the cloud.

On-premises services: We can also provide our services to you on your premises, or on a hybrid basis in combination with a cloud solution.

Are you interested in full or partial outsourcing?

We provide IT support services on both a partial and a full outsourcing basis. Are your IT requirements continuously growing? Are you looking for alternatives that allow you to concentrate on your core business again? Outsourcing to Trivadis supports the consistent implementation of your IT strategy. Transfer responsibility for any areas of IT management to Trivadis and focus on your core business. We and our partners form a reliable team that is capable of satisfying your quality, flexibility and agility requirements – based on clearly defined service agreements.

Have you heard about our Service Configurator?

Trivadis SystemCare is based on a standard yet flexible catalogue of services. With the help of our Service Configurator you can quickly compile a service package that is geared to your specific needs. You decide which service components to include and which service level you require. We’ll be happy to advise you in putting together the ideal package.

The technologies we support with our services

SystemCare for Applications – a selection
SystemCare for Infrastructure – a selection

We are an ISO 20000- and ISO 27001-certified company that is committed to highest service quality and reliability in accordance with international standards.

Why Trivadis

We offer you everything related to data: from consulting to solutions and platforms, operation, support and maintenance to resources and training. Like a Swiss Army knife, but even better.

We are technology- and provider-independent. Your requirements and benefits are our top priority.

Proven in-house blueprints, methods and tools enable us to achieve a high level of automation. This allows us to support you more quickly and cost-effectively.

We have been working as data specialists since 1994. We know our business inside out.

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