Business Automation

Do you want to make your business processes smarter to become more efficient and effective? Our business automation solutions support you in this.

There are many simple, repetitive processes in your company. They cost you and your employees a lot of time, but they are necessary. These include:

  • Evaluation of data
  • Workflow planning
  • Control and optimisation of production processes
  • Payment initiation

Up until now, you have probably carried out such processes by hand to a large extent. With the new technologies available to us, you can automate and design them intelligently.

We will show you how to give your employees a clever tool with low code/no code so that they can implement improvements in work processes themselves directly, which also fuels new ideas and innovations. If it gets complicated, we work with you to develop and modernise your application landscape with a focus on process automation and integration.

In doing so, we not only digitise your workflows, but also continuously develop them using your data and new technologies such as artificial intelligence, so that you become more sustainable.

In short: we improve your business processes based on data, automate your workflows and optimise your entire value chain in small steps.

Your Benefit

By relying on our business automation solutions, you benefit in several ways. You get:

Faster infor­mation flow for better reaction possi­bilities

Focus and freedom for really important tasks

More satisfied customers and happier employees

Our Offer

  1. Reactive Business
    • Business Automation Orientation Workshop – we give you an overview of the current trends surrounding business automation and explain the connections so that you get a clearer picture and thus have a perfect basis for decision-making at hand.

  2. Check, Assess & Plan
    • Business Automation Assessment – we examine your existing process landscape, identify automatable processes and evaluate appropriate tools and technologies to implement your new solution so you can better assess your current state, identify areas for action and set priorities correctly.

  3. Build, Test & Verify
    • Business Automation Foundation – we create a proof of concept and roadmap, and implement and verify workflows to help you focus on the right areas and plan your valuable resources in the best possible way.

  4. Migrate & Scale
    • Business Automation Transition – we integrate your new solution into the existing ecosystem and add technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) so you can operate and scale it.
    • Business Automation Training – we provide you with relevant know-how in individual training courses so that your employees can make the best possible use of the new solution.
  5. Data Driven Business
    • Managed Business Automation Services – we can operate and develop your new solution (monitoring & support) on request so you can focus on your core business.

Why Trivadis

We offer you everything related to data: from consulting to solutions and platforms, operation, support and maintenance to resources and training. Like a Swiss Army knife, but even better.

We are technology- and provider-independent. Your requirements and benefits are our top priority.

Proven in-house blueprints, methods and tools enable us to achieve a high level of automation. This allows us to support you more quickly and cost-effectively.

We have been working as data specialists since 1994. We know our business inside out.

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