Do you want to know what will be important tomorrow? With the Trivadis Trend Radar, you have a methodical and tool-supported overview of 2000 developments and can derive the relevant trends for your company.

You want to secure the success of your company today and at the same time create the basis for the success of tomorrow. You want to gain a clear picture of where your company's future opportunities lie – whether, how and when your business models will change or even new ones will have to be created. To do this, you need to know where the journey is going, what trends and technical innovations your customers and markets are facing; which ones they are following, which ones are holding their own or are just short-term hypes.


Now, you can do research on the Internet from time to time, but that is not very strategic, sustainable and in-depth. Even innovation departments of large companies often have too few resources to continuously follow trends, evaluate them for their importance to their company and identify potential opportunities. After all, it is not enough to merely record and manage trends. After all, it is ultimately a question of what can be done with them.


So you need to identify use cases for your company. Only then can you demonstrate the potential of a trend. And sometimes you have to experiment – especially with technical innovations.


With the Trend Radar, we offer you precisely this service: This way, you can find out today which digital business models will be successful tomorrow. Our trend scouts observe the 2000 developments with the help of methods and tools and determine the relevant trends for your company. We include reports from market researchers, analysts and futurologists on information and other technological developments as well as reports on social trends.


Because one thing is clear: In the age of digitization, the results of social and political trends almost always lead to solutions in which technology is involved and for which IT is needed: be it the app for the mobility service, of which car sharing is only one part; the alarm system for home health care, the coordination of various components of a trip, etc.


We work with you to identify which trends are relevant, how they will impact your business, when this will happen, and how best to prepare. We identify relevant use cases and implement them as well. We evaluate regular reports of the individual trend radar for your business together with you. All this in a form and depth that is tailored to your company.


Benefit from our experience and methods to prepare your company for the business of tomorrow. Our Trend Radar shows you the way


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