The healthcare industry is facing major challenges. We have a prescription to overcome them: the automation of processes and the intelligent use of data.


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"People in Switzerland live in a health-friendly environment, irrespective of their health condition and their socio-economic status. They benefit from a modern, high-quality and financially sustainable healthcare system." This is the Federal Council's vision of the Swiss healthcare system in 2030. What sounds simple is in fact a tremendous effort for healthcare institutions, because they are facing increasing challenges.

The economic pressure on hospitals has increased enormously in recent years: While tariffs are declining, costs remain consistent or are even rising - the latter also applies to the requirements regarding the quality of treatment and minimum case numbers. Moreover, in times of a "nursing crisis", recruiting and training specialist staff is more difficult than ever - by 2030, there is expected to be a shortage of over 60,000 specialists in nursing alone. Last but not least, advancing digitalisation is leading to rising expectations with regard to personalised, data-based care. All these developments are intensified by the fact that patients have had free choice of hospital since 2012 - hospitals have been in competition with each other ever since.

Modern IT can make an important contribution to mastering these and other challenges: with the automation of processes and the intelligent use of data - or in other words: with Health Automation & Health Analytics.

In both areas, we actively support decision-makers in the healthcare sector, CIOs and ICT managers with responsibility for IT, medical applications and medical informatics. Our existing customer stories show that we know our trade: for example, we developed a BI solution for the Ensemble Hospitalier de la Côte (EHC) that enables employees to generate reports and visualisations quickly and easily. For the AtemReich children's home, we implemented a cloud-based data analytics solution with AI components that helps doctors and nurses detect irregularities in the vital signs and ventilation of critically ill children at an early stage. For this ground-breaking solution, we were awarded the Microsoft Partner of the Year Award 2020 in the category "Data & AI".

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We support you in the automation of processes and the intelligent use of data with the following two offers:

Health Automation & Analytics Orientation Workshops

If you are just starting out in automation & analytics or would like to get an overview of trends and opportunities, our orientation workshop is the right choice for you: We will discuss the current developments in health automation and analytics with you and show you what potential they hold. This will give you a clearer picture and a perfect basis in order to decide how you want to start or continue your digitalisation journey.

Health Automation & Analytics Assessments

If you have already automated your first processes and/or are using data in some way or other, our assessment will provide you with additional help: We will put your existing solutions to the test and evaluate suitable tools and technologies with which you can further automate your processes and generate even more insights from your data. This enables you to better assess your current status, identify areas for action and set the right priorities.

In both offerings, we rely on the Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare with its healthcare-specific templates, workflows, configurations, connectors and applications. Our focus is on the diverse options of Microsoft 365, the Power Platform and Microsoft Azure. As a long-standing Microsoft Gold Partner, we support you in making the best possible use of these powerful tools.

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We offer you everything related to data: from consulting to solutions and platforms, operation, support and maintenance to resources and training. Like a Swiss Army knife, but even better.

We are technology- and provider-independent. Your requirements and benefits are our top priority.

Proven in-house blueprints, methods and tools enable us to achieve a high level of automation. This allows us to support you more quickly and cost-effectively.

We have been working as data specialists since 1994. We know our business inside out.

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