With our Managed Database Service, you hand over the management, operation and support of your data and applications to us. And best of all: everything is done 100 percent from and in Switzerland!

If there were a crucial question of the 21st century, it would probably be: "How do you handle your data ...?" Indeed, data is one of the most important assets today. Whether it's customer or financial data - without it, companies stand still.

Concerns are correspondingly high – and you wonder:

  • Are our data and applications really safe, even from large-scale cyber attacks or natural disasters?
  • Do I meet the business requirements for availability and performance of our data and applications?
  • Do I fully comply with regulatory requirements?
  • And: Do I have enough manpower and manpower to ensure smart and efficient data handling in the future?

You can put these (and many other) concerns to rest quickly and easily: with the Managed Database Service from Trivadis and Swisscom!

The cloud-based database service for your data and applications scores points in several ways:


Data storage, operation and support are provided 100% from Switzerland. This enables even highly regulated industries to migrate their data and applications to the modern IT world. Completely Finma-compliant and without US CLOUD Act!


Thanks to a high-availability architecture, backup and recovery functions, multiple mirroring and backup (geo-redundant if required), a high level of fail-safety is also guaranteed.


Furthermore, performance and storage resources can be flexibly adjusted at any time. You only pay for the resources you actually need.

Whitepaper with 3 use cases from the field

In the following whitepaper (in German only), you will find out what our Managed Database Service looks like in practice, based on three use cases, and why it is also a great opportunity for you.


WHITEPAPER "So that you no longer have to worry"

«Better together»

With the Managed Database Service from Trivadis and Swisscom, you get the best of both worlds! While Trivadis is responsible for setting up and operating the database platform, Swisscom provides the infrastructure for it, in the Enterprise Service Cloud based in Switzerland. Thanks to the close partnership between the two data and tech specialists, interfaces are minimized, thereby also reducing costs and complexity.

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