Switzerland – a country of inventors

Switzerland is considered the most innovative country in the world. In this context, the cloud meanwhile plays a central role, as the well-known Swiss comedian and inventor Stefan Heuss shows: inspired by the AWS Cloud, he has implemented three ingenious inventions. Find out with our assessments, how the cloud can make your ideas fly too!


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The cloud is an innovation driver. Who better to illustrate this than the well-known Swiss comedian and inventor Stefan Heuss (video above)? He has developed three inventions for us that symbolise the possibilities that the more than 200 cloud services from Amazon Web Services (AWS) open up for innovative Swiss companies. The first is the digital cowbell "Digibell Cloud Pro", which reliably defuses conflicts between peacefully grazing cows and daring hikers with the help of AI-supported emotion recognition ... The second invention is the smart tool recognition software. Integrated into an IP camera, it not only helps Stefan in his creative chaos to find misplaced tools by means of computer vision, but also activates a pick-up and delivery system. This saves the inventor a lot of time and nerves searching for tools ...

From the second half of 2022, AWS will also be making its cloud services available from Swiss data centres with the AWS Europe (Zurich) Region. Thus, companies can now store and process their data entirely in Switzerland and implement their innovations even more easily!

How exactly do you benefit from this?

Your benefit

With AWS cloud services from Swiss data centres you benefit from:

100% Swissness

Thanks to the AWS Europe (Zurich) Region and its three Swiss availability zones, data storage and processing take place 100% in Switzerland. This means that even companies with the highest security and compliance requirements can transfer their data and applications to the modern IT world. What's more: the latency period for local projects is shorter!


With over 200 services, also in the areas of data processing, IoT security, analytics and development, AWS offers you the largest range of functions of any cloud provider – and thus countless possibilities for implementing your ideas.


The AWS Cloud brings together millions of innovative companies – of every size and from every industry. They all develop their ideas in the cloud – and benefit from each other's experience. In addition, the AWS Cloud is available worldwide in 84 availability zones in 26 regions! So nothing keeps you from scaling your solutions.

The boost for your inventive spirit: our offer

Stefan Heuss invented the digital cowbell – what will you achieve with the AWS Cloud? You surely have your own ideas that you want to bring to and implement in the cloud. With our workshops and assessments, we are here to support you and together continue Switzerland's tradition of inventors – regardless of which industry your company comes from or whether you are a start-up, public authority or educational institution.

It doesn't matter at which point you start your cloud journey with us. We are your compass wherever you are at the moment – from an initial orientation about what cloud computing actually means, to assessments of which prerequisites for the introduction of the cloud already exist or still need to be created, to the concrete development of a procedure for how you can best implement the cloud strategically and technically. We have a fitting offer for each scenario:

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