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How widgets are taking your desktop into the future

The Win10Widgets tool brings important information to the desktop that would otherwise only be accessible with dozens of clicks. Now you can do it with one click - and numerous customisation options.


By Stefan Lengacher

Win10 Widgets brings the desktop into the future; from a collection of files and folders, the tool brings all the information you need to the desktop. Weather, Wi-Fi, battery level information, CPU performance, music and more; all available at a glance.

Noob Hack

Simply download Win10 Widgets, install it and show/hide the desired widgets from the following selection and position them on the desktop:

Pro Hack

Win10 Widgets is based on the open-source solution Rainmeter, which offers countless possibilities for customisation and expansion and has a large community. If you want to dig deeper, you can do it here.



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