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I am an expert in ...

I lead the Solution Architecture team in Data & AI, both in ASG and in Europe. I am an expert in translating requirements into target architectures and then also in estimating and planning delivery.


My current project:

There is none. I don't work on projects all the time. I spend most of my time in the sales process, converting customer requests into offers or making sure we offer the right solution.


Something new I have just learned:

In fact, I am learning all the time. In the last few weeks I've been looking into biGenius a bit because it can be a good solution for a client; I think I need to go a bit deeper here.


What drives me:

My vision is that we look more at the data than just going by instinct on some issues in our daily lives. There are still many decisions that affect us in everyday life that might have turned out differently if the data had been understood.


This will be THE trend topic in the near future:

I think we are currently in a big wave that is still far from the peak. In fact, there are two topics: Cloud and everything around AI/ML.


How investment in AI pays off?

A study by Accenture, which surveyed 1500 executives across 16 industries, reveals the extent to which AI supports business strategy, the characteristics required to scale AI, and the financial outcomes of successful implementation.

Click here to see the results!

How I stay up to date:

I cannot name individual sources ... No, they are not secret, but I just use many and don't focus on individual ones. In general, MIT Technology Review is a good source, but as I said, there is a lot on the web. Our internal KX also has a lot of interesting material.


I never leave that to chance:

Friendships ... You have to nurture them and can't let them run on their own.


The biggest myth when it comes to data analytics, AI, automation and co.:

"I believe only the statistics that I myself have falsified".... Even if the quote is not from Churchill ... Statistics tend to be wrong because people have not understood the data, have forgotten parameters and have drawn the wrong conclusions.


My favourite gadget:

Actually my smartphone ... I use it for everything: From opening doors to booking travel to sports (measurements ... again Analytics?).


How data analytics, AI and automation will simplify everyday life for companies in 5 years' time:

I don't think we can imagine that today, because the speed of innovation is simply too fast.


AI is already capable of ...

... preventing collisions between space debris and satellites. Read now!

... automatically monitoring the condition of roads. Listen to the podcast about it!

... determining the mental state of pigs. More on this in the interview!

My favourite or most used emoji:



My biggest professional challenge and what I learned from it:

I cannot name a single challenge, but I can name a principle that has helped me to cope with the many challenges. There are constant changes and there will always be problems to overcome. Understand the situation, find solutions and tackle them ... don't panic! Focus has always helped me to tackle challenges.


What "Applied Intelligence" means for me:

Knowing what you are doing instead of just believing it.


My favourite website:



My greetings and wishes to the Trivadis – Part of Accenture Community:

I am happy to be part of this community. Have met many smart and committed people! Together we can achieve a lot!



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