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Chantal is calling ...

Thomas Winter

Trivadis is "Microsoft Country Partner of the Year 2021" – and that inspires Chantal! She wants to be a partner too, after all, partners get resources, programmes, tools ... Anyone who knows Chantal knows what comes next: Exactly, a call to Microsoft, of course straight to the management – after all, no one knows better than Thomas Winter, Partner Lead at Microsoft Switzerland.

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The format

Nowt wrong with a bit of fun - that's how we see it at "Binary Dreams", and especially so with this format. However, the fictional character Chantal does not act a little obtuse just for amusement's sake. She wants to draw out the experts on the phone and show everybody: You don't have to be embarrassed if you're not blessed with IT know-how. That's what the pros are here for - and as it turns out, they're always happy to help competently, no matter how much you try to drive them into despair.


Chantal is calling
Chantal Is Calling
IoT Data Platform

... Martin Schreiber
Chantal is calling
Chantal Is Calling

... Stefan Lengacher
Chantal is calling
Chantal Is Calling

... Lukas Fuchs