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Tech Talk Audio: Introduction to responsible AI

"Responsible AI" – heard it many times before, but never really knew what exactly is behind it? In our new Tech Talk Audio series on responsible AI, Rudraksh Bhawalkar sheds light on the topic. To start, the global lead for Accenture's internal responsible AI program talks about what responsible AI means and how it affects us all.

Tobias Imbach spoke with Rudraksh Bhawalkar

To the point:

- "Responsible AI" means building trust in an AI by, among other things, making it explainable.

- "Responsible AI" is an umbrella term that encompasses principles such as transparency, fairness, privacy and sustainability.

- Everyone and anyone in this world is affected by AI. Therefore, it is important that there is a focus on "Responsible AI".

- AI that does not act responsibly can create untrustworthiness and ethical problems such as discrimination.

- For large organisations that have implemented AI everywhere, applying responsible AI requires proper change management and a top-down push.


According to Accenture's 2022 Tech Vision study, only 35% of consumers worldwide have confidence in companies' use of AI. And 77% believe that companies must be held accountable for the misuse of AI.

Thus, for companies wanting to expand their use of AI, the pressure is on. Have a look at this website to find out how responsible AI can help meet these challenges.


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