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Tech News Amuse January 2022

Key Visual Feuill-IT-ong

Our Feuill-IT-ong format is enriched by a new writer – the shrewdly analysing and sharp-tongued Tabea Ulla Thor recapitulates what moved the tech world in the last weeks and puts the loud headlines into context: Microsoft, Tesla, Activision, Clubhouse and more ...

by Tabea Ulla Thor

Megalomaniacs travelling through space, billion-dollar deals, rule violations, blackouts and other scandals ... one thing is certain in the tech world – the headlines are not getting any fewer. The Feuill-IT-ong rubric of Binary Dreams follows this development and henceforth collects current events and human achievements and misdemeanours on this and the other side of bits and bytes.

Our tech news overview of the last few weeks:

  • Tesla recalls hundreds of thousands of vehicles due to defective rear view cameras
    365,309 Model 3 vehicles have to return to the factory. Rumour has it that Tesla employees have taken Elon Musk's motivational slogan "Never look back" a bit too literally.

  • Swiss army is no longer allowed to use WhatsApp
    The reason is the messenger programme's lack of data protection. The US is alarmed and fears that it will no longer learn of Swiss invasion plans in time. The German Armed Forces, on the other hand, do not see any need for action, as their communication continues to run securely via fax.

  • Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes found guilty
    For years, she lied to the public and investors about allegedly revolutionary devices that were supposed to be able to diagnose numerous diseases with just a few drops of blood. However, due to bad blood results submitted at short notice, her defence is asking for a lenient sentence.

  • Huge deal: Microsoft wants to buy game publisher Activision Blizzard
    Microsoft wants to put a whopping 69 billion dollars on the table for it. In order to make the in-house messaging and telephony service Skype more popular again, it will get a "Call of Duty" function in addition to a "voice call" and "video call" function. In addition, according to Microsoft CEO Nadella, the deal was cheaper in the long run than having to constantly use the in-app purchases of Candy Crush.

The Format

*Our "Feuill-IT-on" format is created in collaboration with the two freelance writers Tobias Lauterbach und Daniel Al-Kabbani who occasionally contribute to the satire platform "Der Postillon". Under the pseudonyms Strigalt von Entf, and Tabea Ulla Thor they report on current events from the world of technology – always with a wink! ;-)


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