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January 2023

Key Visual Feuill-IT-ong

A German ChatGPT, buggy facial recognition software and a raclette-serving robot – the Tech News Amuse for the New Year promises: mind-blowing AI, automation and data news won't be missing in 2023 either!

by Tabea Ulla Thor

While most of us tried to switch off over the holidays and instead of worrying about business matters, we only cared about the next meal and a new Netflix series (I'm just guessing here), yes, meanwhile the news world didn't stand still.

In December, as well as in January, there was once again a lot worth reporting on in the field of AI, automation and data (even if it's just for the entertainment value) – here comes the Tech News Amuse for the turn of the year!

Our tech news overview of January:


Amazon AI chief claims AI won't replace humans anytime soon

According to his statement, AI is still far from replacing humans and can only support them in their work.

Well, that is already more than many a colleague can do ...


Data scientist warns against ChatGPT

Among other things, she accuses the AI of being able to falsify scientific texts so perfectly that even experts have trouble identifying false information as such.

In response, the CSU immediately offered ChatGPT a ministerial post.


AI carries on people's prejudices

According to the article, the reason is that the majority of people working in the IT industry are white men, who often forget to consider other groups.

Perhaps the desperate wish of computer science students for more women in their midst is finally being heard.


African-American falsely arrested based on facial recognition software

Despite apparent visual differences, an AI in the US state of Georgia identified an innocent man as the alleged perpetrator of a luxury bag heist.

From the point of view of the local police, the software has thus sufficiently passed the practical test.


German Chancellor Olaf Scholz pays a visit to the Digital Summit

He wanted to find out about examples of how the summit's motto "Data – Creating Digital Value Together" is being implemented in practice.

He was particularly interested in a calendar app that deletes both the appointment and all associated emails after secret meetings.


AI system can identify music listened to based on brain waves

The AI was able to identify the music the test subject was listening to at that moment based on brain scans.

Only with songs by DJ Bobo did the experiment not work, because in these cases, strangely, the AI did not find any brain waves to measure.



User-centered visualizations: Read this article about how you can create them and what business value this brings.

Responsible AI in healthcare: Find out here why the responsible use of AI in this sector is important and how it is ensured.

Quantum machine learning: In this article, our expert explains what it is and why companies should care about it now.

New AI robot knows how plants are doing

More specifically, it can autonomously check the condition of crops, such as pest infestation and nutrient and water requirements.

According to EU regulations, plants simply have to agree to a user agreement for automated data collection, otherwise nothing stands in the way of the new breakthrough technology.


Initiative wants to enable German competition to ChatGPT

The German Association for Artificial Intelligence wants to prevent Europe from being left behind by the USA in this sector.

In many respects, the German language model is intended to preserve the domestic culture by taking a one-hour lunch at 12 on the dot, calling the police after 10 p.m. or on Sundays and public holidays when adressed in caps lock, and sometimes recommending sandals with white tennis socks when asked for fashion tips.


Robot "Roboclette" serves cheese to trade fair visitors

The machine, developed by students, scrapes the hot cheese off the loaf.

A development that no dystopian future sci-fi film of the 80s could have foreseen.


Bill Gates invests in a cow burp start-up

The Australian company is researching an algae-based diet that reduces methane emissions from cattle.

What, you actually want to read a funny punchline to that now?


Cyber criminals with 40% less revenue because victims won't pay up

Ransomware gangs captured $457 million less in 2022 than the previous year, according to cryptocurrency experts Chainalys.

Crazy to think that all these years one was wondering about what to do against cybercriminals, and the trick was simply to not pay!


Canadian student develops AI that identifies essays written by fellow students using ChatGPT

The software, developed by Edward Tian, will make it easier for professors to filter out papers they haven't written themselves.

Next, Tian wants to develop an AI that will help him become more popular with his fellow students.


The Format

*Our "Feuill-IT-on" format is created in collaboration with the two freelance writers Tobias Lauterbach und Daniel Al-Kabbani who occasionally contribute to the satire platform "Der Postillon". Under the pseudonyms Strigalt von Entf, and Tabea Ulla Thor they report on current events from the world of technology – always with a wink! ;-)


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