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I am an expert in ...

... problem understanding and creative solution development.


What I like most about IT:

Insight into many industries and work in diverse teams


What I don't like about IT:

When the focus lies purely on the technology and not on its benefits


I find data useful because ...

... in the right quality, linkage and use, it holds incredible potential for any business.


My biggest IT dream:

Responsible and sensible use of intelligent IT for the benefit of everyone


My fondest memory of IT:

My education (basic programming course and computer science engineering studies)


My favourite gadget/tool/software:

Currently Miro board


If I were a gadget, I would be ...

... a babelfish – as an intermediary between the business and the IT world.


My favourite website:


The future brings ...

... many new opportunities – let's seize them :-)


The best invention of all time:

Google Street View and sushi


My greetings & wishes to Trivadisor the IT community:

"Stay hungry, stay foolish." – Steve Jobs


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Friendsbook of IT
Key Visual Friendsbook of IT
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