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Intelligent road management

Checking the condition of roads is important, but requires a lot of time. With an intelligent road management system, the start-up Vialytics provides a remedy. Achim Hoth is co-founder and CTO of the company and talks in the podcast about potholes and grid cracks and how the human eye, computer vision and artificial intelligence take on road damage.

by Tobias Imbach

For the start-up Vialytics, roads are «more than asphalt». The condition of roads ultimately affects everyone in some way. Accordingly, the work to record the condition of the infrastructure and to maintain and improve it is important. Many municipalities suffer from a lack of staff. It does not help that surveying the condition of infrastructure is a time-consuming activity that quickly pushes the human eye and brain to their limits. In the eleventh edition of the «Cat!apult» podcast, Achim Hoth from the start-up Vialytics talks about a functionally simple but technically complex AI solution for improving the process: using a smartphone, the system detects the condition of the roads and automatically suggests measures for the maintenance and upkeep of the infrastructure.



  • With our system, we want to move away from a sense of proportion – towards objectivity.
  • We have developed our own algorithms that focus on identifying road safety hazards and automatically issuing warnings.
  • Our focus is on increasing productivity, not efficiency – this is how we compensate for the shortage of skilled workers in the municipalities.
  • Our accumulated knowledge can help cities become more resilient, for example, by knowing where the water comes in during floods.
  • Damage patterns that you see on the street are like symptoms in a disease that suggest the cause. That's what we rely on: where can we see something on the surface that points to problems underground?
  • With machine learning, you often hear: "Human In The Loop" – that's no longer the case with us. But we have a quality assurance team that comes into play when customers report irregularities.


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Achim Hoth

Vialytics GmbH, Stuttgart

Achim Hoth is one of the three founders of Vialytics. Trained in media management and electronic media, Hoth focused on mobile product and app development early in his career. With Vialytics, he combines his love for digital products with a benefit for society: the Vialytics system helps municipalities and cities to make their roads better and safer for traffic.


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