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Planted Meat

Cat!apult" focuses on start-ups with big ideas. This is also the case in episode 2: Eric Stirnemann, Head of Technology at the Swiss start-up Planted, wants to change the world with meat from plants.

by Tobias Imbach

In the second "Cat!apult" episode, we again look into a future in which our lives will have changed in a decisive way: We are heading for a world without slaughter animals. If Eric Stirnemann, one of the co-founders of the successful Swiss start-up Planted, is right, humans will relatively soon no longer have meat from animals on their plates. But what instead? Meat from plants! He and his team are working on counteracting the rising meat consumption and industrial animal husbandry with plant-based alternatives - and thus improving the well-being of all living creatures on this planet.

The products developed by the chief technologist of the Zurich-based company have already been able to change the eating habits of many Swiss people within a short time. Now they want to do the same abroad. We talk to Eric Stirnemann about taste, the feeling of biting, office lunches, the analysis of eating behaviour and a world that cannot go on as before.


  • You can't taste sustainability
  • We need a technology that has the potential to co-nourish humanity
  • Conventional meat production has no future - it is a model with too many disadvantages
  • We, just like software companies, bring updates of an improved product to market
  • We are researching methods to be able to structure proteins so that they have the same bite as meat
  • The meat eater must become familiar with the fact that meat cannot come from just an animal

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Planted Foods AG, Kempthal

Eric Stirnemann is Head of Technology at Planted. As early as his master's thesis in food process engineering at ETH Zurich , he investigated how meat could be produced directly from plant ingredients, without the diversions via the animal. The solution he found led him to the start-up Planted, which he founded together with Pascal Bieri and Lukas Böni. Today he is writing his doctoral thesis on the same topic.


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