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I am an expert in ...

... unconventional approaches to artificial intelligence, robotics in virtual reality and cyborgs.


What I like most about IT:

That it is becoming easier and cheaper and is fading into the background. Ideas and questions are important.


What I don't like about IT:

That the term is so vague. If it's about my computer, I don't like that it's so fragile.


I find data useful because ...

...I then do not have to enter them again and again, if they are stored once.


My biggest IT dream:

A third side of the brain as an external hard drive and intelligence accelerator.


My fondest memory of IT:

My first self-created programs on the Ti-82, which I sold for a few CHF at that time.


My favourite gadget/tool/software:

Tesla Model-X, fully extended range, special edition.


If I were a gadget, I would be ...

Wall-E. He is hardworking, romantic, artificially intelligent and has a heart for living creatures.


My favourite website:


The future brings ...

much that is new and unexpected and a breakthrough in the field of Human Level Artificial Intelligence.


The best invention of all time:

Virtual Reality (VR) Glasses combined with Internet of people.


My greetings & wishes to the IT community:

May Switzerland become a leader in the field of AI and may we together equip and make companies fit for the future!


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