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I am an expert in ...

… the field of Intelligent Automation & Hyperautomation.


My current project:

Together with Ian Barkin and Jochen Wirtz, I just wrote a book about Intelligent Automation.


What drives me:

I expect the impact of Intelligent Automation on our world to be as significant as the one of the previous industrial revolutions. The so-called knowledge work, which today occupies 80% of the global workforce, will be supported by intelligent automation in the future – and help us build a society that redefines work and gives us more time for the most important things: family, love, taking care of others and our planet.


More about Intelligent Automation (IA)

What is Intelligent Automation (IA) actually, and how exactly do companies benefit from it? The following blog post not only answers these questions, but also shows how Intelligent Automation can help to master crises.

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This will be THE trend topic in the near future:

For me, that is quite clear: “Intelligent Automation”.  It has been ranked no. 1 most important tech trend of 2021 by the famous research company Gartner. This new kind of artificial intelligence is reshaping the way we work, support clients and patients, and successfully run businesses.


What “Intelligent Automation” means for me:

For me, it means empowering workers, who today mostly use their intelligence to create value, to make their work more exciting and the world of work a thriving environment. But also, a big increase in efficiency and profitability for companies, because unloved repetitive activities are eliminated.


The biggest myth when it comes to data analytics, AI, automation and co.:

The range goes from "AI does everything by itself even without training my staff" to "AI will steal my job". Neither of these is true.


Speaking of automation ...

... A startup wants to revolutionize the world of accounting with it. Listen to the podcast now!

... Already ancient myths tell of self-moving automatons and willful machines. Read more in the interview!

... It can also be used to make coding easier. Find the corresponding article here!

The best way to stay up to date:

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The biggest challenge for companies with AI:

SCALING! It is easy to succeed at implementing a proof of concept or a pilot. But when it is about scaling the transformation within an organization across several departments, functions or divisions, it usually becomes very complex.


How data analytics, AI and automation will simplify everyday life for companies in 5 years’ time:

In the next five years, I expect AI to reach a level of adoption and sophistication that took industrial automation over 200 years to reach. One-third of the transactional and predictable activities performed by knowledge workers will be automated. One-third of the current tasks, like unproductive meetings or emails, can be eliminated. The remaining third of tasks will be augmented by technology. For example, by helping us to identify and analyze millions of pieces of data within seconds and derive important trends and insights.



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