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Riddle and laugh: Quiz questions about the entertainment week

Key Visual Q&A - The Game

This week in our online magazine "Binary Dreams", we started with Strigalt von Entf's column in which he ponders on a catastrophe that has recently struck us ... We continued with a new round of "Sepp Sells", in which Sepp discusses highly philosophical questions. Last but not least, we entertained you with a collection of memes on the subject of IT prejudices. Accordingly, this week's quiz questions are pure entertainment!

By Team Trivadis


Q&A - the Game
Key Visual Q&A - The Game
Cloud AI

Q&A - The Game Launch Edition
Key Visual Feuill-IT-ong
Analytics Microsoft

"Adieu, IE!" – End of a cultural asset
Sepp Sells
Key Visual Sepp Sells
Cloud AI

Robots and favourite goats