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An expensive winter lies ahead of Europe – according to estimates, there will be additional costs of 30 to 50% for electricity and 100 to 200% for gas. This affects private individuals as well as companies. The challenge for everyone is to use energy more efficiently and thus reduce energy consumption ... and this is exactly where the Viennese start-up nista.io provides welcome assistance.

by Tobias Imbach

Our energy sources are practically inexhaustible? A myth, as has become clear by 2022 at the latest. That's why the efficient use of energy is now at the top of the agenda for governments and company managements. And private individuals too are well advised to reduce their energy consumption. But where should you start, and which measures actually make a difference? This is exactly where the Austrian start-up nista.io comes in.

In the podcast, nista.io CEO & co-founder Anna Pölzl talks about how her team uses AI and data analysis to show individual ways to use energy more efficiently.



  • We bring the energy topic to the forefront of daily decisions.
  • We take care of the tedious part – the data. And then connect customers as efficiently as possible with the right experts at the right time.
  • Our platform helps us to collect and pre-interpret data, which significantly accelerates the actual data analysis.
  • We calculate long-term benchmarks and enable our customers to compare their energy use to that of others – thus providing a context for understanding the data.
  • Even companies that previously knew nothing about their energy use are now faced with a new challenge – and are interested in creating transparency and control. Therefore, our market has grown exponentially.
  • I love everything with hand and foot – and data has hand and foot (especially when it is measured).
  • Digitalization helps us to use the existing data. We are learning how to deal with this data and how to benefit from it.
  • The efficient use of energy should be a routine and accessible and understandable to all.

How will we use energy in the future?

Artificial intelligence will permanently change the way we deal with energy.

Learn more about the topic in this blog post.

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Anna Pölzl

nista.io, Viennna

Already in her master's thesis at the Technical University (Master of Science in MS, Environmental Technology & International Affairs), Anna Pölzl from Vienna devoted herself entirely to the topics of energy use and renewable energies. When founding the start-up nista.io, she was able to make use of the previously gained experience. She and her team developed a software that uses data to visualize energy consumption and suggests energy-saving measures through automatic data analysis and AI.


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