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"Golden Like" for Kaitlyn WonJung Chang

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It is normal to be a mother. It is normal to want to have a career as a woman. But it doesn't seem to correspond to our ideas of normality that both roles can be fulfilled together with passion. In fact, mothers often suffer from the so-called "motherhood penalty" in the working world. Our "Golden Like" therefore goes to our colleague Kaitlyn WonJung Chang from Accenture in Austria, who has successfully put this issue on the agenda with #MomToo.

By Oliver Bosse

What is normal?

"Normality" is not an absolute, it is not predetermined by facts – and even less is "normal" a guideline for right or wrong, good or bad. "Normal" is merely what a part of society defines as standard. And what for? To be able to call oneself "normal"? To call others "abnormal"?

The good thing is that this mindset can change, can evolve. But how? It takes someone who stands up, exposes themselves and has the courage to stand up for their convictions. That's what you did – live in front of hundreds of people, on social media, even on LinkedIn: In the very environment where most people build a virtual fake identity exclusively dwelling on their successes, you dare address the dark sides of this business world.

For this, you have not only – but primarily – received positive reactions because you have spoken from the heart of many mothers and encouraged them not to let the supposed normality get them down, but create a new normality together.

With #MomToo, you have initiated a social debate with great relevance and advocate for fluid boundaries between work and family, so that no finger is pointed at any woman who fulfils her role as a mother just as passionately and dutifully as her role at work.

You write in one of your posts: "Normalisation only starts when you see more and more of it and realise how normal it actually is ..." Not only do we want to support you on this journey with our "Golden Like", but we hope that we can also do our part to ensure that this important issue is heard and encourages other mothers to do the same. Thank you for your courage and commitment to all women and mothers, Kaitlyn WonJung Chang.


Source: zvg/Niklas Schnaubelt

Thank you for the Golden Like – what an honour! I'm still thrilled that this picture got more than 5.6 million views on LinkedIn. That alone says a lot though because why should that be so surprising? Why is being an outspoken mother still such a taboo for working women? The road to normalisation still seems very long, but that's why we have to start sometime – that's the reason for #MomToo.

Kaitlyn WonJung Chang, Brand Innovation Lead at Accenture Interactive

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In our format "The Golden Like", we regularly honour individuals or institutions with a short eulogy who, in our eyes, have earned special praise for their achievements or where the appreciative thank you is far too often neglected.


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