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Microsoft To-Do – Tips for an organised daily life

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It is not always easy to keep track of all your meetings, tasks, mails, etc. Even the Outlook tools only help to a limited extent. Microsoft To-Do therefore offers some additional and very practical features for a well-organised everyday life.


By Christian Golz

Many people rely on Microsoft Outlook or the associated calendar tool and possibly the task planner to plan their working days and weeks. These tools are very practical, but provide rather limited options. Microsoft To-Do is a recommendable addition which is directly linked to Outlook. This means little additional effort for organisation and, simultaneously, a lot of new options.

Microsoft To-Do offers features for not forgetting important tasks or e-mails, or for keeping track of task lists for the whole team. In the following, I give practical tips on what you can do with it and how it works.

Noob Hack

Once Microsoft To-Do has been installed and linked to Outlook – which happens automatically, by the way – it serves as an extension of the existing Outlook task planner and has a much more attractive appearance.

An extremely practical feature, for example, is that tasks and mails are automatically added to a personal To-Do list thanks to the link with Outlook. If these are finally marked as "done", Microsoft To-Do immediately synchronises with Outlook again and they are also considered checked off there.



This way you can keep track of tasks and emails much better and above all: the chance of forgetting something is significantly lower.

Pro Hack

Another nice feature is the sharing of a task list in the team. In this way, tasks can be worked on together. It is clear which task has been completed when and by whom.



Notes can also be added and documents attached.

Furthermore, Due Dates and Remind Dates can be set for the whole team. Microsoft To-Do then reminds you of the corresponding task on the set date and time.


Of course, several lists can be created if desired: For example, one for personal tasks and one for those in the team.

All in all, this is a very practical tool – provided you actually enter and mark your tasks.

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